Kanye West Surprisingly Compares Himself to Bible’s Moses Says, ‘No one asked Moses how much he slept’

Kanye West Surprisingly Compares Himself to Bible’s Moses Says, ‘No one asked Moses how much he slept’

Kanye is a man of many interests. Ye, commonly known as Kanye West, is also a man of many thoughts. He came from humble beginnings and was raised in a middle-class family in Chicago, Illinois. His parents were high on education. His father Ray West was a member of Black Panther and a counselor at one point and his mother Donda West worked as a professor of English at Clark Atlanta-University. The artist even named his own private school after his mother’s name, Donda Academy.

Ye often speaks about edgy ideas and experiments. The hip-hopper is also known for transitioning from songs to fashion designing and producing. He may be a great artist, but definitely is not a bookworm. The father of four has a lot of original ideas, but they do not come from reading. In a hilarious comparison, Ye confesses his equation with books on a podcast.

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Kanye West reveals about never read a book

Kanye West, who once ran a campaign for the Presidential election and owns a private school, has confessed to never reading a book. In a podcast episode of the YouTube channel Alo Yoga, Ye confessed how he does not like to read. In a hilarious revelation, he said, “reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me.” It may be a bit funny considering he has authored several books like Break The Simulation, Only One Sheet Music, and Thank You and You’re Welcome. The religious man also compared himself to Moses in an Instagram story, with the text, “No one asked Moses how much he slept.”

Instead of books, he prefers to have his learning through conversations because “talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli,” referring to a pasta dish from a restaurant called Giorgio Baldi, where he and his former wife, Kim visited. The artist also discussed Donda Academy, which accepts students from pre-K to 12th grade and teaches them curriculum including parkour and world languages, along with standard academies.

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What do you think of the comparison between Ye and Moses. Do you think it is fair? Comment below your thoughts. In the meantime to gain more such insight on Ye’s thoughts, stream his documentary Jeen-Yuhs on Netflix.

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