Kanye West Secures 11th Spot on Billboard’s Best Rappers of All Time

Kanye West Secures 11th Spot on Billboard’s Best Rappers of All Time

Kanye West loves to create and the results are sometimes billion-dollar clothing brands and, at other times, amazing music. Before Kanye West became Ye, a figure who got the best of both worlds: fashion and fame, he was a fan-favorite rapper. His music is something that fans have held onto, as the rapper continues to cross the threshold of patience every day.

On one hand, the rapper seems to be going in a downward spiral in front of the paparazzi, and on the other, his fans are united to remember just how mind-blowing his music is. Much like the person he is, the rapper does not mince his thoughts when it comes to lyrics, owing to some of the most powerful songs of all time. And Billboard has taken note of his talent as they placed Ye at number eleven on a list, ranking the best rappers of all time.

Billboard honors Kanye West in ’50 Greatest rappers of all time’

One of the most beautiful aspects of the music industry is the long-lasting legacies that the artists leave behind. This is especially evident in hip-hop as rappers introduce new styles to incorporate into their songs. West is popular for his ‘chipmunk soul’ sampling style, which, albeit getting him in trouble sometimes, has mostly done him wonders. Kanye West’s College Dropout is a household name if the hip-hop industry ever had one.

Therefore, it did not come as a shock that Billboard decided to give him the 11th spot as they celebrated the brilliance of hip-hop. West released an album last year titled Donda 2, a follow-up of Donda in 2021, named after his late mother. Despite releasing a brilliant album, 2022 was a year filled with controversies and madness for Kanye West. And him being named one of the greatest rappers is the only good news Ye fans have heard in a long time.

Who beat Ye to the top ten?

Billboard is yet to reveal the top ten greatest rappers of all time. But it is clear that Kanye West did not make the cut. Moreover, artists like J.Cole, 50 Cents, and Kurtis Blow have secured lower ranks than Ye. While it is obvious that the top positions are going to have legendary names such as Tupac and Eminem, fans are curious about Jay Z’s ranking.

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Will the ranking motivate Kanye West to focus on his music? Let us know in the comments below.

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