Kanye West Once ‘Literally’ Played ‘Cupid’ for Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Once ‘Literally’ Played ‘Cupid’ for Kim Kardashian

Kanye West has proven to be one of the most controversial rappers of all time. West is guilty of saying and doing things that can prove to be triggering for the masses. However, there have been numerous times when Ye has also let a sweeter and more loveable personality peak through. While it is almost nonexistent now, fans got to see his gummy smile quite a lot of times when he was with Kim Kardashian.

The Grammy-winning rapper has, after countless attempts at trying to win Kim Kardashian back, made everyone crack their necks when he married again. While he is very secretive about his second marriage, West’s marriage with Kim Kardashian was no short of a blockbuster movie. And the rapper even got the legendary musical group 112 to star in it.

Kanye West once got 112 to sing for Kim Kardashian

Word on the internet is that Kim Kardashian will bring any singer that her daughter enjoys listening to into her house. And the TikTok videos of North West with Mariah Carey and Ice Spice are a testament to this. While this is mostly signed off as a Kim K move, Kanye West may be a ‘ghost creative director,’ on this one too. The rapper, in 2019, got 112 to sing their pop hit ‘Cupid’ for his then-wife. West face-timed Kim Kardashian while hanging out with 112 who answered “What’s up?” only to be greeted with 90s music sensations.

The reality tv star was speechless at the surprise and could only say, “This is one of the best days of my life.” Throughout the entire ordeal, Kanye West had the biggest smile on his face and even sang along with the boy group.

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West’s resting face is a meme gold and at one point in time, whether he ever smiled had become a huge topic of discussion. However, his marriage with Kim Kardashian gave fans an ample amount of moments where Ye had the biggest smiles.

What are the most expensive gifts Ye has given Kim Kardashian?

While his surprise video call with 112 will forever remain priceless, there are many other gifts that Ye gifted his ex-wife that have a price tag on them. Very heavy price tags at that. Starting off with a $4.5 million engagement ring that Ye got to propose to Kim Kardashian.

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This was later followed by a hand-painted Hermes. In case you were wondering about the price of Hermes, it is enough to have people riot against you if you are Meghan Markle. At one point, Ye even bought Drake when the couple could not attend Kylie Jenner’s birthday party. The rapper was not shy about splurging for his wife.

Which gift do you find the most fascinating? Let us know in the comments below.

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