Kanye West Makes a Complete 180 on Taylor, As His Music Falls Prey To Unauthorised Publishing

Kanye West Makes a Complete 180 on Taylor, As His Music Falls Prey To Unauthorised Publishing

The artists of the Hollywood music industry sometimes do not run along the lines. Over the decades, timeless controversies and disputes have become a new normal for the audience. One of the most volatile of them is, of course, the feud between rapper Kanye West and the world-renowned pop star, Taylor Swift.

The biggest beef of 2009 must have been Kanye West vs Taylor Swift. The spat between the megastars centered around the infamous stage crashing at the MTV Video Music Awards. Next came the TLOP track on which Yeezy jokingly insists that he made Taylor a household name. Since such incidents, the two frenemies have had lots of ups and downs. But there could be a potential resolution in cards for the two artists.

Kanye West takes the first step towards resolving beef with Taylor Swift?

Kanye West is always vocal about the problems he faces in his professional and personal life. In one such instance, the rapper took to his Instagram handle to voice his concern about his records being sold without his knowledge, mentioning Taylor Swift’s name while doing so. By mentioning the Lover singer, Kanye undoubtedly meant the pop star’s Scooter Braun’s controversial 2019 acquisition, in his reference. The gesture becomes a complete reversal of his stand on his row with Swift over his song.

Previously, the Jesus is King singer claimed that Swift gave him the permission for the infamous line in his song Famous, where he claims he “made that b*tch famous”, taking a dig at the country singer. West’s then wife Kim Kardashian consequently released an audio clip as proof of Swift giving the rapper permission. The clip was later proven to be edited to fit a narrative when someone leaked the whole call online in 2020, four years after Kardashian released the original clip. Now, with this reference to Swift, West seems to be making a complete 180 on his stand and perhaps taking the first step towards reconciliation.

The hot tea about Kanye’s publishing catalog

The Instagram story was also a straight-up claim to stop the selling of his music pieces “without his knowledge“. A report in Billboard read, “he has been quietly and intermittently shopping his publishing catalog.” The disputed star, therefore, chose to take it to the internet to expose the moot over his profession.

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In his next Instagram Instagram Story, Ye, 48, revealed a text message, as his custom for any given issue. Message from his end seemed to reference his manager, Gee Roberson, asking someone to ask Roberson about the record sale. The person responded on behalf of the manager, claiming the news t be fake.

This seems to be a far-fetched issue that is going to stay for a while. Regardless, after years of tension and a long-awaited reconciliation, it would seem Ye and Taylor Swift have something in common, which could help them reconcile.

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