Kanye West Inspires a Rather Odd Tattoo Offer in London, It Is Free but Also Peculiar

Kanye West Inspires a Rather Odd Tattoo Offer in London, It Is Free but Also Peculiar

Kanye West, officially known as Ye, has always been known as a dominant cultural figure of the 21st century. However, his outspoken behavior has led him to the point where he cannot move backward or erase those words. The fashion designer finally crossed a line with his constant cycle of social media controversies a few weeks ago. We saw the public rage against his hate speech when a Florida man burned 40 pairs of his Yeezy shoes and shared the video on Twitter.

His antisemitic remarks also snatched all his major collaborations and titles, which were the biggest step taken against him. Adidas breaking the long-standing Yeezy partnership with West was the culmination of the public spiral going on for years. Adding fire to this current situation, he has once again inspired a rather odd tattoo offer in London. 

A tattoo studio has started a Kanye West offer that will shock you

According to the information scrolled out by New York Post, a tattoo studio in London has started a free-of-cost service for clients who wish to remove Kanye West-related ink. The studio shared this offer on Tweet with the caption: Yeezy come, Yeezy go Got a #kanyewest tattoo? Tag us.”

They posted an image of a man’s arm with a tattoo that says “Bye,” which previously was the rapper’s name. “We’ll remove your Kanye tattoos for free,” read the picture.

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Full tattoo removal will take 10 to 15 sessions if people wish to do it, since the NAAMA studio does this treatment by using a low-energy laser per the website. To give people a solution to their permanent tattoos, they shared their email in comments (hello@naamastudios.com) and asked to attach a picture of the tattoo.

This seemed to be a big call taken by the studio because a tattoo removal cost around $200 for one session, and the charges depend on the size of the tattoo and there is consultation cost as well.

“People with Kanye tattoos were coming to us and you could hear how triggering it was for them, how embarrassing and shameful they felt, given he’s been making the headlines for the wrong reasons,” Briony Garbett of NAAMA Studios told Metro UK. Therefore, the studio decided to help people who want to remove designs related to the rapper.

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What do you think? How would West react to this offer if he gets to know? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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