Kanye West Gets Fans Excited as He Makes a Return to Instagram in an Cryptic Post, Asking Them to “Write a caption…”

Kanye West Gets Fans Excited as He Makes a Return to Instagram in an Cryptic Post, Asking Them to “Write a caption…”

After wiping off all the posts, Kanye West has made a return to Instagram. The creative genius kept a low profile following the controversies and marriage to Bianca Censori. But it seems like playtime is over, and the entertainer is back to entertain. Fans on social media are more than thrilled to see their favorite entertainer return.

Despite having 18 million followers, there was no activity on his profile for a long time. He posted a photo of a male model in a full-skin suit and red sunglasses. The caption left fans to come up with their own creative caption as it said, “Write a caption”.

His social media presence has caused quite the stir in the past, especially last year. Several platforms blocked him for his content, considering how influential he is and the effect it could cause. But he still occasionally puts posts, only to delete them later on. But while many of the celebs and fans have turned against him, there is no denying him being a trendsetter who grabs instant attention.

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While it is unsure what the intention of his post was, his fans are following his instruction, only to leave some hilarious comments over his sudden post.

Fans put caption after Kanye West makes a return to Instagram

Kanye West has not given interviews in a while, but his fans get to match his creativity with his latest post. Fans who missed him were just glad to see the singer return. While others were coming up with the conspiracy that Ye has been replaced with a clone, and is not actually him. Some fans actually came up with hilarious captions, following West’s instructions.

Then there are those who think his return is a result of Adidas needing him back for profits. The company and the celebrity have recently made a pact to sell the rest of the Yeezy products, after their very public split last year. While the brand did it as a result of Ye’s controversies, their attempt to sell off Yeezy products on their own was not very successful.

Since the photo contains a model, the probability of the post being about Ye’s design is stronger. His wife Censori is also taking a lead in his projects. Perhaps she is the only other person aware of what is coming up next.

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How would you caption his post? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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