Kanye West Files Complaint as Thieves Steal From His 2020 Campaign Fund

Kanye West Files Complaint as Thieves Steal From His 2020 Campaign Fund

Kanye West could not become a President, but his campaign proved glorious for some thieves. The entertainer strongly supported Trump during his 2016 presidential elections. He was one of the few people of color and a celebrity that came out in support of the Republican party candidate. Trump was victorious, and that gave West the confidence to run in 2020.

Ye then stood for the campaign with his slogans ‘YES!’ and ‘#2020VISION’. He would preach about thinking freely and as individuals as opposed to the sheep mentality of voting for major parties. However, his bizarre campaign appearances would often leave even supporters confused. To no one’s surprise, he lost the election. But what is bizarre is that his campaign fund page is still active. In fact, there have been reports of theft from the funding account.

The misfortune of Kanye West: Details of theft from his campaign funding account

West’s campaign crew had to raise a complaint to Election Authorities when they noticed cases of theft in his 2020 campaign account. As per sources, the theft happened from external entities and no one from within the campaign was involved. However, the investigation has not concluded yet. There were three suspicious withdrawals made: $1,474 on 9th December 2021, $1,280 on 8th February 2022, and $1,245 on 22nd February 2022.

Ye’s campaign did say that “A stop-pay was put in place to protect against future unauthorized charges.” But the bank was unable to reverse the fraudulent transactions. Electric fund transaction was the mode used for theft, making reversal impossible. There was a surplus of $371,150 left from his 2020 campaign. Although the money can be transferred to another political party or given out to charity, it still remains unused. Perhaps, to use it if required for another public office run by Ye.

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This is not the first case of embezzlement, even Biden’s campaign experienced something similar due to lax security of the funds.

As for Ye’s campaign, he managed to gain around about 60,000 votes. The aspiring politician’s most memorable moment was perhaps his crying on stage during one of his speeches. The theft only comes as an added trouble.

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