Kanye West Falls Short of Nemesis Taylor Swift and Drake as Spotify Wrapped Unveils the Biggest Artists of 2022

Kanye West Falls Short of Nemesis Taylor Swift and Drake as Spotify Wrapped Unveils the Biggest Artists of 2022

Earphones, playing music, and isolating from the world; is the feeling no one can explain. There are many options for everyone now to listen to their favorite music. One of these applications is very popular, Spotify. The application has almost every genre and singer and the entire collection of their music. It includes Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Drake, Selena Gomez, One Direction, and furthermore. There is exciting news for Spotify users, as we have Spotify Wrapped 2022 here, which has a piece of amazing news for all.

While we are talking about great artists, recently, we have been seeing a lot of Kanye West in the news headlines. The rapper has been facing difficulties because of his controversial comments and his unprofessional behavior. Did you know he once publicly humiliated another great singer, Taylor Swift? Because of his controversial behavior, Ye has created a lot of enemies for him. And this Spotify Wrapped 2022 revelation might have made the rapper more discouraged.

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Kanye West falls short of nemesis

Everyone is aware of the controversy between the City of Gods singer and Taylor Swift. But the rapper also had a problem with another rapper named Drake. Ye once fired an employee at Yeezy because he suggested Drake’s name when asked. Well, as unprofessional as it sounds, this is how Ye had been behaving. Now, with Spotify Wrapped, once again Ye is left behind. Spotify Wrapped tells you about the most-listened-to artists, genres, songs, and podcasts with more statistical pieces of information. In this year’s revelation of worldwide and US trends, Taylor Swift and Drake topped and left Ye behind.

Bad Bunny, with Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd, and BTS is the most-streamed artist globally. But even in the US, with Drake at the number one position, Ye couldn’t top Taylor Swift. In the US, with Drake on top, Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Kanye West, and The Weeknd; this is the order.

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Not only in his musical life but also in his professional life, the rapper seems to have had a major fall. He lost major deals with his business partners. The rapper lost several employees as well who are coming forward to expose the unprofessionalism Ye used to follow. With major controversies under the name of the rapper, do you think he would survive? Also, tell us your favorite podcast or genre that you follow on Spotify.

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