Kanye West Dead? Amidst Missing Reports, Claims About Controversial Rapper’s Demise Make Rounds on the Internet

Kanye West Dead? Amidst Missing Reports, Claims About Controversial Rapper’s Demise Make Rounds on the Internet

Is Kanye West alive? The artist has been all over social media, with his share of controversies. That cost him a big time, affecting both his personal and professional relationships. While efforts were already made to make ban him from having a big stage, he continued with his barrage of comments.

Between all of that, the singer also settled his divorce from Kim Kardashian, wherein the court asked him to pay $200k for child maintenance. But amidst all the social media presence, the artist suddenly seems to have disappeared. This has given rise to certain speculations that the Gold Digger singer may be dead. But how true is this news?

Is Kanye West dead?

While many people criticize Kanye West and have turned against him, fans are concerned about his well-being now. As per Epicstream, there have been speculations about the singer being dead, ever since he disappeared from social media. A Facebook post claimed Kanye West was dead, but as it turns out, it was a hoax. The page named R.I.P. Kanye West garnered nearly one million likes. It even gave details on the death, such as his passing away at 11 AM on the 30th of December. Fans were then asked to send condolences by commenting and liking the post.

While thousands of followers did send condolences, some were wary of it being fake news. His officials confirmed that the news was indeed fake, and that Ye was very much alive. But many other fans are already skeptical about the news. Some were even upset over the irresponsible news, which left many people worried. Then again, when a well-known celebrity suddenly disappears, it gives rise to speculations.

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In Ye’s case, his financial situation could likely be the reason for his silence. He is being served with legal papers by one of his former associates for nonpayment of a salary, that was decided as per their contract. It all comes as a result of his offensive anti-Semitic remarks and repetition of those through different times. Do you think Kanye West is safe and in hiding? Comment your thoughts.

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