Kanye West Connects Expressing Emotions to Late Virgil Abloh, Says “You never saw him break a sweat”

Kanye West Connects Expressing Emotions to Late Virgil Abloh, Says “You never saw him break a sweat”

Kanye West and his poetic style of hip-hop perhaps stems from his profound ideas. The Runaway singer rose to fame for his uniquely alien music video concepts and cryptic messages that he expresses freely. These include Blood on the leaves, The Game, and I Love It, pieces that music fans either end up loving or hating. Then again, what is an artist who does not express himself?

Music aside, the Gold Digger singer expanded his career horizons and net worth through fashion collaborations. This is why it was never surprising to see the introverted and usually shy Ye making friends in the fashion industry. In fact, he became friends with the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh ten years ago when the two interned together at Louis Vuitton-owned brand Fendi. In a podcast, Kanye discussed his late friend while beautifully connecting him to expressions of emotions.

Kanye West on human expressions and Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh

Kanye West has always been a firm believer in freedom of expression. The Heartless singer is either loved or hated for it, but that does not stop him. West especially takes on interviews to put his thoughts out to the world. We saw him talk more about it, in a podcast of Alo Yoga with Danny Harris and Alyson Wilson.

The video is centered around uplifting conversations and mental, and physical health. Ye took the liberty to talk about his forms of expression. According to him, our society does not respect our thoughts unless we speak correctly in English. The focus is on a set verbal language, which is the set standard of communication in the modern world.

In his example, West pointed out how kids are told, “Use your words,” when they cry. But crying is a natural form of expressing human emotions which should not have someone else’s control. Escalating on a personal level, Kanye dived deeper mentioning Virgil Abloh. Kanye never saw his friend struggle out loud until Virgil’s died. “We never saw him break a sweat until we were at his funeral,” said the rapper.

Virgil was a fashion designer and artistic director at Louis Vuitton. According to sources, he passed away last year after battling with a rare form of cancer for two years. And on that, Kanye wished that people would be more expressive about their pains and emotions.

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Kanye’s point of view left the podcasters speechless for a moment, which is justified. For more on this legend’s life, stream his documentary Jeen-Yuhs on Netflix. Do you agree with his ideas of expression? Let us know in the comments below.

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