Kanye West Claimed “They” Were Behind His Mother’s Death and Meek Mill and Lil Boosie Killing People – Who Are They?

Kanye West Claimed “They” Were Behind His Mother’s Death and Meek Mill and Lil Boosie Killing People – Who Are They?

Kanye West has a magnetic personality, and sometimes this magnet attracts tons of controversies. Ye wore a White Lives Matter t-shirt at the Paris Fashion Week and what emerged after peeling off the racist layer was one that was antisemitic. Call it a breakdown of just the College Dropout rapper being vocal about his unpopular opinions, almost every brand deal that earned him a billionaire spot on the Forbes list decided to cut ties with him.

The rapper, who was seemingly flourishing as an artist after his divorce from Kim Kardashian, met what many consider to be his irreparable downfall. A repetitive trait in the case of Ye is his ability to say what he thinks, while his antisemitic opinions may have landed him in trouble there are more than enough examples of the rapper being appreciated for speaking the truth. The rapper himself has famously acknowledged this with the iconic lineThey call me crazy but they never call me a liar“. And this remained especially true when a  video of him talking about almost half of Hollywood being a pawn to ‘They.’

Kanye West claims mother was ‘sacrificed’

The Grammy-winning rapper has dedicated an entire album and a shoe line to his late mother, who passed away in 2007. After College Dropout, the Donda album, which even featured the voice of Donda West herself, is considered to be one of Ye’s best works. Apart from making it very clear that Ye has an artistic genius that many in this generation do not possess, it also was a tell-all about Kanye West not being over the death of his mother.

This is why fans were not shocked that the rapper mentioned his mother in the midst of the crisis that followed after his racist and antisemitic statements. However, it is what else he said that shocked fans. In a video dated from November of last year, Ye said that his mom was “sacrificed.”

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Not only is this contrary to the reason for death known to the public, but also a hint at an Illuminati ritual where you sacrifice someone you love. Well, at least that’s what Ye’s fans think it is. He further brought in the deaths of Michael Jordan’s father, Bil Cosby’s son, and Dr.Dre’s son to hit out at “they.”

Ye  accuses big names of killing people

Speaking of human sacrifices, the sacrifice of his mother was not the only Ye’s only weapon of choice. Ye started off by saying, “There is no name that I won’t name,” and went out to throw a million accusations per hour at an anonymous “they.” The College Dropout rapper named Meek Mill, Lil Boosie, and Puff Daddy or Sean Combs were among those who listened to “them” because of legal issues.

But I never killed nobody that means I can say whatever I want” West reasoned; why he is not like other rappers. The rapper blamed a certain ‘they’ for both the early demise of his mother and his downfall without naming any entities.

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The extravagant statement powered by the who could be a potential “they” wreaked havoc on social media. And the answer can lie anywhere on the scale, from Illuminati and the government to the Kardashians and Jews.

How much of the rapper’s statements do you believe? Let us know in the comments below.


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