“Justin Bieber or Zac Efron?” Millie Bobby Brown Gets Confused About Her First Crush

“Justin Bieber or Zac Efron?” Millie Bobby Brown Gets Confused About Her First Crush

Millie Bobby Brown is having a blast this year. With the release of the new season of her blockbuster web series Stranger Things and her upcoming sequel of Enola Holmes, she is on the ninth cloud. Millie is just 18, and she has gained enormous popularity at such an early age. Also, Millie has always been a frank and honest person. She isn’t ashamed of expressing her true self. This is one of the reasons behind her huge fan following.

We recently revisited one of Millie’s old videos, where she talks about all her firsts. It’s so cute watching 16-year-old Millie talk about those things. But most importantly, it’s the cutest to watch a 16-year-old talk about her first crush. That’s correct! Let’s tell you more about Millie’s first crush.

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And Millie Bobby Brown’s first crush was…

At first, Millie Bobby Brown talks about the first word she ever said. The word was “caca,” which is a Spanish word that means poop. Millie was born in Spain, which explains her first word being Spanish—anyway, moving on to the next question, which is a big one, Millie’s first crush. Are you ready for it?

So, she said that her first-ever crush was probably Justin Beiber. On the other hand, Millie’s mother thinks it was Zac Efron. Although she also associated the word “probably” with Justin Beiber, she became sure later as she confessed that Justin’s “If I was your boyfriend” song was her jam.

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Further continuing, she added two more names to the list. Those were Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet. She said Timothee was her present crush too. She also told the story behind how she met Justin. She said, “I walked past him in Coachella, and he’s a very nice human being. I love his music, and he is amazing.” She also said she would pass out if she met Timothee in person, and that would become a headline.

She also told the story behind how she met Harry Styles. “I met him at an Ariana Grande concert. He was there supporting her, and it was really nice meeting him,” she said.

Surprisingly, Millie remembers so much from her past. Let us know your first crush in the comments.


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