“Just one tip..” – ‘Batgirl’ Director Adil El Arbi Revealed Will Smith’s Word of Wisdom After Warner Bros Scrapped the Movie

“Just one tip..” – ‘Batgirl’ Director Adil El Arbi Revealed Will Smith’s Word of Wisdom After Warner Bros Scrapped the Movie

Having gone through some difficult situations, Will Smith once offered his words of wisdom. The Oscar-winning actor has just started coming into the spotlight after the slap gate controversy. Having spent more than three decades in the industry, Smith has seen good, bad, and worse days. So when Batgirl was scrapped, he reached out to its directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.

With DC going through major changes, everyone, including Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Leslie Grace, has been affected in the process. But when a project gets scrapped, everyone involved in it goes through a tough time.

The advice that Will Smith gave to Batgirl directors

The shooting for Batgirl was almost complete when DC decided to scrap it. As per Variety, Will Smith approached the directors to give them quick advice upon hearing about their movie cancellation. He asked whether Batgirl was really scrapped before mentioning, “Just one tip. Don’t go on social media.” This was just two days after El Arbi’s wedding in Morocco. After all, Smith himself has seen and suffered from criticism of social media because of his Oscar controversy.

As per the directors, Warner Bros decided to scrap the $90 million movie after its shoot, in order to cut future costs. It came as a shock to everyone, including the directors and the lead. The actress, however, is thankful for her experience. Meanwhile, DC has been facing heat for dropping movies so quickly.

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While sad with the news, the directors are looking forward to reuniting with Will Smith on a highly anticipated future project.

What is next for the Batgirl directors?

Belgian director Fallah and El Arbi quickly secured Bad Boys 4 with Will Smith after they scrapped Batgirl. They previously collaborated for Bad Boys for Life in n 2020. After the commercial success of previous parts, they have finally resumed the project. It came to a halt for various reasons, including the slapgate controversy. Will Smith took to Instagram with co-star Martin Lawrence to announce the movie.

Currently, the fate of the unreleased Batgirl movie remains in the dark. Apparently, the 2023 Oscar winner, Brendan Fraser, was to play the villain in the movie as well.

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