Just Like Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton Is A ‘huge support’ For Her Husband Amidst Aggravating Feuds

Just Like Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton Is A ‘huge support’ For Her Husband Amidst Aggravating Feuds

No matter the circumstances, the Royal women of the family have always had their husbands’ back in tumultuous times. Be it, Meghan Markle who walked beside Prince Harry through the Palace doors, or Kate Middleton who helped William build up a modern monarchy, they do it all the time. As the family ties hang in by a loose thread, the women have played an extraordinary role in supporting the Princes. 

Speaking of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, her contributions to the Monarchy are unmatched. Even so, the King himself considers Middleton a huge asset in setting their path straight. In times of the Brothers’ rivalry where Prince William and Prince Harry have gotten down on each other’s throats, Middleton alone has been the only thing keeping William from going insane. 

Prince William is proud of Kate Middleton 

Owing to the same, Royal Expert Kate Nicholle affirmed in an interview with OK magazine that Prince William is genuinely proud of Kate Middleton. Nicholle said the mother of three has been a “huge support” to the future King as his ties severed with his brother. Hence, help from Harry’s end to render his institutional duties was not an option anymore. The expert was also of the opinion that given the circumstances of the past few years, it has been much more difficult for William, apparently. Not Harry.

Thus, Kate has rendered her matrimonial duties to the best of her abilities in times when Prince William expected of her the most. The king also appreciates what Kate Middleton has brought into the family. Apart from giving an heir to the throne after Prince William, Middleton has truly exemplified what an ideal Princess of Wales should be like. She is a great mother to three beautiful and well-mannered children. Along with it, Middleton has emerged as an all-time favorite of everyone, including the Sussexes themselves. 

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What are your opinions about Kate Middleton and her endless contributions to the Royal Family in times when relationships are hardly possible? Comment your thoughts on the said matter right below.

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    Patricia Lambert
    January 8, 2023 at 11:12 pm

    Some of your readers have it all backwards. Megan was not supporting her husband. She was supporting herself. Probably celebrating her much wanted return to Californis and becoming a celebrity. Harry was wrongfully supporting her need to return to ‘the Hollywood’ she yearned for. No queen, no Kate to outshine her. Narcissist to her core. Too many naive people out there, including Oprah, supporting her bottomless pit need for attention. Watch out. If you cross her, you’ll be in the next book.

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