“Just let it go bruh” – The Fans Are Fuming as Unexpected ‘New’ ‘Lord of the Rings’ Announcement Takes Over the Internet

“Just let it go bruh” – The Fans Are Fuming as Unexpected ‘New’ ‘Lord of the Rings’ Announcement Takes Over the Internet

One ring that rules and destroys everything! Most of us have already watched epic fantasy adventure films based on the novel The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. The amazing adaptation takes viewers to a world where magical rings persuade and corrupt the mind of their bearer. Forged under the careful eye of the dark lord, Sauron, these rings were created by unsuspecting Elves of Middle Earth. Fortunately, that devious ring was destroyed by the pure-hearted hobbit of the Shire. Now, decades after the very first adaptation, this influential film series is coming back. However, it looks like fans are not in agreement with the unexpected return of new films.

In a new post shared by Discussing Films on Twitter, they revealed that the new Lord of the Rings film is currently in production at Warner Bros. According to Variety, the studios have made a multiyear pact with Swedish gaming giant Embracer Group. But this time the movies will be based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

After finding out about the plans for this famous franchise, fans are furious as they don’t want their cherished universe to be meddled with. Let’s look at some of their opinions on the matter which they stated in the comment section.

The first fan asked the studios to not make a mess of the franchise, saying “Just let it go bruh”.

The second fan commented: “Why though? We already have the best film trilogy….”

“Please leave the series ALONE. PLEASE. Just let them rest in paradise,” pleaded another.

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What Warner Bros has planned for the new Lord of the Rings movies?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the team has big hopes for the project and sees potential in the new storyline. In a statement rolled out by the people working on the franchise, the film will honor the previous work. Since they are aware of how much people adore Tolkien’s adaptation and would bring the best of quality.

So far, the creators have not revealed any details of the exact storyline or characters they will focus on. However, if we look at the wealth of characters and locations available in the Lord of the Rings books, we can expect something powerful to come up.

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Meanwhile, you can tell us your opinions about the return of this iconic franchise in the comment section.

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