‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Fans Run a Worldwide Campaign to Revive the Emmy-Winning Comfort Show Canceled by Netflix

‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Fans Run a Worldwide Campaign to Revive the Emmy-Winning Comfort Show Canceled by Netflix

When a new show debuts on Netflix, fans are often always scared about whether their show will come back for a second season or not. Because Netflix tends to cancel a lot of fan-favorite shows. One of them is Julie and the Phantoms. The Dan Cross and David Hoge-created musical series debuted on the streamer in September 2020. A year later, the show was canceled.

The musical dramedy is about a Latina teen, who leads a band of phantoms. They wanted to play at The Orpheum Theater, which was like their dream stage. But unfortunately, it would remain a dream for the team. 

The fans’ campaign to save the show 

Julie and the Phantoms fans are running a global campaign to save the show. Since the lovable band’s last wish was to play at The Orpheum Theater, the fans started a Go Fund Me project to organize The Orpheum Tour. As a part of the project, the organizers are booking billboards and theaters to display the show’s name. Although the show was canceled a long time back, the fans aren’t ready to let go of their hope yet. They are hoping their efforts will bring a reversal. Several fans have shown up at the theaters to show their support for the show. 

Although chances for Netflix to bring the show back are slim. 

Executive producer, Kenny Ortega expressed, “I wish that I could tell the fans that all of [their efforts] will get them Julie back,” he said. “All I can really say is how much all of this has mattered to all of us who made the show and that we love them and are so grateful for the passion they’ve shown to the project.”

Just three months after the show’s debut, Rebecca den Boer had started a petition on Change.org because she was anxious about the show’s future. Despite fans spamming Netflix’s accounts, the show still got canceled. 

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Why did Netflix ax Julie and the Phantoms? 

Usually shows that fail to generate buzz or have low viewership tend to get chopped. However, this wasn’t the case for this musical ghost drama. There was plenty of buzz around the show and the show even got nominated for 13 Emmys and yes picked up a few of them as well. But why the cancellation? Unfortunately, we’ll never know because Netflix never cared to explain. 

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