Julia Garner Shares Ozark BTS Images Expressing Gratitude on Her Instagram, Show Continues in Global Top 10 for 12 Straight Weeks

Julia Garner Shares Ozark BTS Images Expressing Gratitude on Her Instagram, Show Continues in Global Top 10 for 12 Straight Weeks

Long before the whole festival of horror and nostalgia began with Stranger Things in season 4, there was a wave of thrill and suspense in Ozark. The Netflix series has made its way to be called a cult classic now. And even though the series met its end 12 weeks ago, it is still as relevant as it was back then. Continuing with the never say never spirit, the breakout star from the series Julia Garner shared some previously unseen BTS images yesterday.

Along with the eternal spirit, it also currently celebrates a 12-week-long run in Netflix’s Top 10 rankings. Here are all the images and numbers that speak of nothing but the absolute beauty that Ozark is.

Julia Garner BTS images with Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and more

The star of Ozark, Julia Garner, who played the role of Ruth Langmore on the Netflix Original, took to Instagram, to thank everyone from the show. “Thank you everyone for watching the finale season of @ozark. This was such a special time in my life. I love you all so much,” Garner wrote along with posting seven unique pictures from behind the scenes of the show.

In one photo, we see her posing with the face of Ozark, Jason Bateman. We also see her with Laura Linney, who went on to create a different fandom for herself and also a directing career as well. Among many other photos with other Langmores and her favorite cousin Wyatt Langmore, there was one picture with the American rapper Killer Mike. He and Ruth had a really insightful conversation in one of the finale episodes about music, life, and more.

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Ozark continues its run in the top 10 even after 12 weeks

To be living in a time where amazing content is made every single day, it is truly a feat to remain at the top spots for a long time. And to do that for 3 straight months is something that the team of Ozark should really be proud of. We truly hope that this run continues for the series and that we see Ozark reach even more heights. And, of course, along with that we hope to see more of Julia Garner in shows like Inventing Anna and more.

To see Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things imitate Julia’s accent from the show is enough to certify how big Julia is now.

Tell us what is your favorite Julia Garner dialogue from Ozark and Inventing Anna.


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