Julia Garner Picks Her Favorite “filthy line” of Ruth Langmore

Julia Garner Picks Her Favorite “filthy line” of Ruth Langmore

There are literally a hundred things that every single one of us remembers about the shows we love. Be it the most memorable storylines, dialogues, scenes, and of course, characters. However, Netflix’s Ozark is anything but your next simpleton drama series. The show is known for its witty but strong language, especially in Ruth Langmore’s dialogues. Hence, when Julia Garner had to choose her favorite “filthy line” from the show, it was not that surprising.

Ozark‘s poster girl, and the person who brought Ruth Langmore to life, Julia Garner revealed multiple surprising details about her journey on Ozark. Among all the things that the ensemble talked about in the Netflix interview, Julia’s revelation of her favorite Ruth Langmore dialogue from the show clearly stood out. And you might be running through your head to pick one right now. Let’s know what it was.

Which filthy line does Julia Garner like the most?

Following Ozark‘s immense success and amazing run on the top, the cast gathered to discuss the journey of the series. The crime thriller has been in Netflix’s top 10 for 14 weeks now. While the show’s incredible female lead, Laura Linney was absent, the panel included all other big names from the crew. Jason Bateman, Chris Mundy, and Julia Garner were a few of them. And on such an occasion, never did we expect Julia’s favorite cuss question from the Netflix Original pop-up.

The moderator Jimmy Kimmel asked Julia a multiple-choice question, where she had to choose her favorite cuss. He gave her four options for the same, which were all indeed filthy yet creative. The first one was “I wouldn’t f**k you if your d**k were made of gold“. The second option was, “I don’t know shit about f**k“, which is our personal favorite.

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The third filthy line was, “how about I pop those t*ts and squeeze out the silicon“. And the third and most amazing one, “did you ever consider you’re full of shit, and you put’em there cause you are embarrassed of your dumba** Missouri state d**k licking body“.

Interestingly, Julia Garner chose all of them, which was not an option though. This is reason enough to believe that the Emmy winner was indeed the best Ruth Langmore we could ever get. The Inventing Anna star is indeed one of the hottest celebrities right now, with her upcoming projects like Madonna biopic and Apartment 7A, and it is funny how it all can be tracked down to the cuss words she used on Ozark.

What is your favorite Julia Garner/Ruth Langmore scene from the Netflix series? Share in the comments below.

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    June 20, 2022 at 1:59 am

    “What are they going to do – scissor each other”

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    When the boys mistakenly bought 2 female chinchillas or something

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