Julia Garner Is Not The Only Star That Can Bring Home Multiple Emmys This Year, There Are More

Julia Garner Is Not The Only Star That Can Bring Home Multiple Emmys This Year, There Are More

With the Emmy 2022 inching closer every day, the stories of the nominations keep getting juicier than ever. With stars all set to outdo themselves with each passing year, the contest this year has gotten tougher. All big names of the industry have given in their Emmy submissions. All we have to do is wait and predict which actor is going to break their records this time. Among the stars like the euphoric Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, and Better Call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn, are our most favorite gems of Ozark, Julia Garner and Jason Bateman. But as said, they are not alone.

Let’s have an insight into the upcoming challenges that will be faced by the Ozark star(s).

Along with Julia Garner, Ozark kingpin Jason Bateman also bags three Emmy nominations this time

The Ozark breakout star Julia Garner was all set to land her double Emmy nomination. She’s already the rightful winner of two well deserved wins. However, her accolade for the final season of Ozark is still due. Her performance in the final season has been one of a kind and has completely taken the industry by a storm below its feet. She is also nominated for the limited TV series, Inventing Anna, where she plays a similar unconventional role to the real-life Anna Delvy. However, things have become tougher for her as other stars emerge with multiple nominations like her.

The only win apart from Julia’s is Jason Bateman that’ll go not too harshly upon the Ozark fans. Along with Julia, Jason acted officially as the Kingpin of the Ozarks. Originally hired just as a money launderer owing to his unbelievable financial skills, Marty Byrde slowly emerges as the legit head of the entire Cartel.

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During the show’s lifespan, Jason had previously claimed multiple nominations but had won just one. This time the tables might turn as winning against the final season Marty Byrde is sure “A hard way to go.

Apart from the Ozark stars, other actors have also ended up with multiple nominations for the year

Things for Ozark fans altogether have also become tensed as Euphoria stars emerge with five Emmy nominations. Out of which, major four are registered for Zendaya and the fifth is for the Richie-rich Sydney Sweeney. She has two Emmy nominations both for the Best Supporting Actress in Drama and Limited or Anthology television series. 

Apart from her, Rhea Seehorn the star of Better Call Saul and Cooper’s Bar has also made her space among the top-tier actors. She also bears a couple of nominations under her name. One for the best-supporting actress and the other for the best actress in a series.

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The list doesn’t end; for Outstanding Guest Actress in a drama and comedy series, we’ve Harriet Walter with two nominations all to herself. So, the British actress also is not behind the rest of the leading stars.

Who do you think will win Emmys this year? Stay tuned to get more such latest updates on the Emmy Awards 2022.

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