Julia Garner Draws Parallels Between Ruth Langmore and Anna Delvey: “that’s a very dangerous thing when…”

Julia Garner Draws Parallels Between Ruth Langmore and Anna Delvey: “that’s a very dangerous thing when…”

We do not meet anyone randomly out of the blue. We always meet the ones who already exist in our subconscious. Something similar happened with the Emmy-winning actress, Julia Garner when she ran into Ruth Langmore for a show called Ozark. The sole reason behind bringing Ruth to life was the level on which Julia could herself resonate with the character.

So how did she actually do that? How did Julia give into the character so hard? Was it Ruth or was it just Julia’s alternate ego? Let’s find it out.

Julia Garner throws light upon her connection with Ruth and Anna

Speaking to NetflixQueue, Julia answered a few questions to the host and they were all straight up heart-touching. Biding goodbye to Ruth was just as hard for Julia as it was for us. Right from the beginning of the show, the actress was rooting for this character. Apart from Garner, no one could have done enough justice to Ruth as her. Speaking of which, the actress knows what exactly defines Ruth. Contrary to what we think about her, Ruth wasn’t confident according to Julia. Because as soon as her father would enter the picture, she’d become a whole different person.

She continued, “You can be a certain type of person, but as soon as you have people from your past who shaped you when you were a child, you instantly get stuck in that time warp and that void.” This is something we all can relate to. Encounter with the past strikes that invisible chord that brings out a whole different persona within us. Same was the story with Anna Delvy of Inventing Anna. She just wanted to be seen and acknowledged but the method she chose for that led to her downfall.

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Ruth’s existential crisis grew deeper throughout the series

There’s something very weird about that according to Julia. She thinks the difference between the initial seasons and the last season was she was not okay with who she was. When her brother died, a part of her left with him. And the part that remained made no sense. There was a dangerous void created within her that she couldn’t fill even if she tried to.

She tries her level best to live a legitimate life out of the pool of crime and mayhem. Out of all bloodshed and ruins. Nevertheless, she couldn’t pull herself out of the quagmire of destruction.  “I think that’s a very dangerous thing when people don’t have ownership of themselves,” said Julia.

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Such was the character of Ruth Langmore. Despite being the sole reason behind uniting the Byrde family, she was left alone in the end. Watching Ozark would never be the same again.

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