“Joseph’s lips look so juicy…” Fans’ Thirst Tweets Render Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn Speechless

“Joseph’s lips look so juicy…” Fans’ Thirst Tweets Render Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn Speechless

Stranger Things has made entirely unknown actors stars overnight and it has done the same for Joseph Quinn. The relatively unknown actor became a household name once he entered Hawkins High as the metalhead with an interest in role playing games, specifically D&D. Quinn immediately made Eddie a likeable character with his vulnerabilities and urge to fit in a society that treats him like a freak.

Even though the season has ended and Quinn sadly has exited the show, fans are still showering him with love. In a recent clip we see the actor reacting to thirst tweets from his fans!

Joseph Quinn receives “real love” from fans 

The actor is invited to Access to do a thirst tweet reaction segment and love he received made the actor all shy. A real sweet fan complimented his warm smile and another wished he slept well every night. Joseph Quinn joked that host, Scott Evans was behind that tweet! @munsnluvr took her chances and asked him out on a date on Thursday.  Although he happens to have no plans on Thursday (his manager confirmed this) Quinn politely refused her offer. 

Next up he read a tweet that complimented his beautiful expressive eyes. And the duo proceeded to stare deep into each other’s eyes. The man is a Mama’s boy as he very cutely attributed his eyes to his mom, revealing that he got it from her. Lastly, @thevengajoes thirst tweet caught him off guard. The Eddie actor turned all shy and embarrassed as he read the tweet: “No cuz Joseph’s lips look so juicy and I’m more than sure they taste like mint!”

Hilariously, Scott Evans attested to that without any personal “experience”! 

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Eddie’s heroic end in Stranger Things

Eddie’s one season arc was enough to cement him as the best metalhead on the show ever. After nearly 40 years he put Metallica’s Master of Puppets on the top of the charts. But while he blasted out that guitar and saved the gang. He also sacrificed himself to save his dear friend, Dustin from the Demobats. 

We only hope the Duffer brothers can find a way to bring him back for Strange Things’ last season

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