Joseph Quinn Answers Whether Eddie Thinks of Dustin as a Little Brother or a Version of Himself

Joseph Quinn Answers Whether Eddie Thinks of Dustin as a Little Brother or a Version of Himself

No one expected Eddie’s demise in Stranger Things season 4. Even the Duffer brothers hadn’t dropped any hints. Almost all the hints pointed toward Max and Steve and although they are alive, we lost a charmer like Eddie. However, he went down like a hero. The finale was as devastating as it was for Dustin to see Eddie die. Several fans noted the relationship between Dustin and Eddie. Eddie actor Joseph Quinn finally answered some fans’ questions regarding his relationship with Dustin.

Joseph Quinn thinks Dustin and Eddie had a “fraternal kind of connection”

Eddie is the leader of the Hellfire Club that Dustin, Lucas, and Mike are a part of. But neither Lucas nor Mike are as close to Eddie as Dustin is. When he gets accused wrongly of Chrissy’s death, Dustin is the first person to believe his innocence and help save him from the jocks. Their bromance last throughout the series until Eddie sacrifices himself to save the gang and Dustin especially. Talking about their bond Joseph Quinn noted they share a fraternal connection but Eddie also sees a younger version of himself in him. 

Those years when you’re a teenager when the hormones are raging, and it’s horrible, and it’s weird — anyone who’s walked down the path and has a couple of miles more than you, you want that advice. And when you’ve got a younger person, you kind of see aspects of yourself in them”, he said.

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He further added that he had such a relationship with guys older than him as well in real life. He felt “admiration’ for them and that’s exactly what Dustin felt about Eddie.

Much like Steve, Eddie also had a redemption arc. But he wasn’t the jock, but the nerdy metalhead who dealt in drugs. Portrayed as a coward, in the beginning, he blamed himself for Chrissy’s death. But it changes in Stranger Things episode 9 when Eddie dies proving that he’s brave and selfless. 

Do you think Dustin had a better bromance with Eddie than Steve?

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