When Jonathan Majors Talked About How He Became Nat Love in ‘The Harder They Fall’

When Jonathan Majors Talked About How He Became Nat Love in ‘The Harder They Fall’

Netflix’s The Harder They Fall has left fans intrigued by Nat Love, Rufus Black, and their gangs. The movie has been streaming on the platform since October 22, 2021. With one of the best casts this year meshed together into the movie using marvelous direction, The Harder They Fall is definitely a must-watch of the season.

If there is one thing fans and non-fans of the movie agree upon, it is that the cast of the movie really did stand out. The ensemble cast includes Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, Zazie Beetz, Regina King, Delroy Lindo, Lakeith Stanfield, RJ Cyler, Danielle Deadwyler, Edi Gathegi, Deon Cole, and Damon Wayans Jr.

More about Majors and the character he plays

Jonathan Majors plays Nat Love in The Harder They Fall. Majors immediately climbed to fame after releasing his feature film The Last Black Man in San Francisco in 2019. With performances like Atticus Freeman (Lovecraft Country) and He Who Remains (Loki series), the actor has swiftly established himself as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand performers.

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The Netflix film revolves around Love’s determination to seek vengeance from Rufus Black, played by Idris Elba. Both of them are outlaws and fugitives and both run gangs. Black gets the nod to leave the jail. On the other hand, Love plans to take revenge against him for his deeds.

Nat Love from the Netflix Original is inspired by a real-life person of the same name. Love was born into slavery in 1854 in Tennessee. He wasn’t known for being a fugitive or a gang leader. Love, however, was quite an experienced writer and gunslinger. At the age of 22, the cowboy released his autobiography called “The Life and Adventures of Nat Love”

How Majors played Nat Love in The Harder They Fall

Jonathan Majors is an experienced writer himself and performed all of his stunts on horseback. “What I enjoyed the most is the relationship he had with his guns and the relationship he had with his horse“, said Majors about Love. With performing all his stunts himself comes quite the prep and Majors talks about it in the video below.

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