Jonathan Bailey Is “Scared” About Bridgerton Season 2 Release, Here’s What He Said

Jonathan Bailey Is “Scared” About Bridgerton Season 2 Release, Here’s What He Said

As humble as ever, Jonathan Bailey still thinks that this is all a fluke. He cannot believe that he’s the lead of Bridgerton season 2. The actor explained  “I’ve never gone into a screen test and had the ‘That’s him!’ reaction. I’ve always crept round through the back door.” The actor also confessed that he was scared. Despite receiving stardom, he doesn’t think too much about it. He isn’t chasing fame, “but in 20 years, you don’t want to be famous. You want a sustained career,” he says. 

Jonathan Bailey sympathizes with Anthony in Bridgerton 

To the viewers, Anthony may be a womanizer, but Jonathan Bailey sees the Bridgerton first born as a human grieving the loss of his father. He wants to dig deep into his character and tell the viewers why he’s so toxic. “Going into the first season, I wanted to fully break Anthony, so that we could put him back together in the second.”

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Jonathan Bailey finds his image as a sex symbol “cringey” 

Although he is now regarded as a sex symbol, he finds the label “cringey”. He grew up in Benson, a small village having a population of only 5000. His first role was in the Royal Shakespeare Company production: A Christmas Carol. The 33-year-old didn’t come out to his parents until his early 20s.

For a long time, he suppressed that side of him to move ahead in his career until he chose his happiness over that. He said, “I reached a point where I thought, ‘Fuck this, I’d much prefer to hold my boyfriend’s hand in public or be able to put my own face picture on Tinder and not be so concerned about that, than get a part.”

What next for the star? 

Jonathan Bailey is receiving love calls from directors and has signed on to star in a play, Cock. Bailey never had a leading role except for a children’s BBC show that followed Leonardo da Vinci’s life. But he has several acting credits to his name having starred in Broadchurch, Chewing Gum, and Crashing. He is an acclaimed theater actor. His most notable work is Company for which he won a supporting actor Olivier Award. 

Bridgerton season 2 will drop on March 25, 2022.

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