Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters EXPLAINED

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters EXPLAINED

Netflix has a vast pile of anime shows and movies of different genres. Many of the anime on the streaming platform comprise long-running seasons, which are quite popular. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the best long-running anime streaming on Netflix with a total installment of 5 seasons. However, the fifth season, which aired on Netflix on 1st December 2022, has gained the reputation of being wilder than any season before. The hit anime series has got a thrilling list of characters throughout the seasons.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters

This popular anime series has got an interesting lineup of characters. The latest season has been a major hit among its fans. Chiefly, with its new character introductions and a highly engrossing story, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure season 5 proves to be one of the best seasons of a long-running anime series.

Stone Ocean’s feisty Jojo

The former protagonist, Jotaro Kujo’s estranged daughter, Jolyne Cujoh, is the first female Jojo of the series and she packs a mean punch. This new character was an instant fan favorite. She is smart and decisive. However, she doesn’t shy away from a fight and proves to be a nightmare for her foes. Being strategic, powerful, and brave, she rules the battlefield like a true Joestar. She is merciless towards her enemies; however, she possesses a kind heart and love for her family and friends.

Jolyne’s band of eccentric people

Jolyne has an interesting team of people to help her in her ventures. Let’s check out her powerful accomplices.

  • Ermes Costello – The new Jojo’s right-hand woman, Ermes is a fun to watch character in the new season. Her courage and clever strategies make her stand out from the rest of them. She pushes herself to the extremes in order to avenge her beloved sister’s death. However, this doesn’t waiver her decisions, making her an amazing companion for Jolyne. 

  • Foo Fighters – This character is as strange and interesting as her name. She ventures on quests to collect information and life experience. Furthermore, she has pledged loyalty to Jolyne, as she was the only person who treated her like a human. Throughout the season, she gains more aspects of being human. This character arc portrays a touching journey of becoming human and a good friend.

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  • Weather Report – Another one of the characters with enthralling abilities that are fun to watch is Weather Report. His desire to kill Pucci drives him. Meanwhile, he proves to be of great help and is even ready to kill himself to save Jolyne. His explicit array of abilities and skills will definitely prove entertaining and decisive in a fight.
  • Narciso Anasui – Too much of something is not good. This can be used to describe Anasui’s love for Jolyne. Being a ruthless serial killer filled with destructive emotions, he bids to protect Jolyne, but his true nature leads to chaos in the end.

The merciless antagonist

Enrico Pucci is… to simply put in words, hard to understand. A religious fanatic and a ruthless murderer who believes in the idea of ‘Heaven’. His merciless intent to kill and his obsession and devotion to DIO has crushed his morals. 

The mysterious child

Emporio Alnino, a ghostly figure who dwells within Green Dolphin Street Prison, has become an instant fan favorite. Embodying innocence and a kind heart, he is loved by the other characters as well as the fans.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a brilliant series for anime lovers, involving engrossing fight scenes, great character arcs, and emotions. Leave your thoughts on the series below.

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