“Join Me in This Celebration”: Barack Obama Narrates Our Great National Parks Inviting You to Wilderness on Netflix

“Join Me in This Celebration”: Barack Obama Narrates Our Great National Parks Inviting You to Wilderness on Netflix

It is indeed a good practice to occasionally return to the very place where it all began for us. No, we are talking about the home that you left this morning for work. We are talking about the ultimate home to any living organism on this planet. We are talking about nature. And Netflix has repeatedly has proved to be a pretty decent facilitator for the same. This time, President Barack Obama joins the project of educating and bringing us closer to mother nature in an epic five-part documentary titled Our Great National Parks.

Barack Obama will play a dual role in the documentary, serving as an executive producer as well as the narrator for the entirety of it. The series aims at educating and also introducing to the splendid wildlife that our planet boasts. The series will take us to five different National Parks from around the world, that are the most secluded, hence, they are also filled with exquisite flora and fauna. Here is everything we know about Our Great National Parks coming on Netflix soon!

What is Our Great National Parks about on Netflix?

Well, if you are an avid streamer of Netflix, there is a big chance that you stumbled upon a docuseries called Blue Planet II. This new Netflix Original series willing many ways remind you of the same. Each episode will take us to different and alluring terrain and will tickle our inner nerd. Ranging from the beautiful waters of Monterey Bay, California to the magnificent red soil region of Tsavo National Park, Kenya. And even the splendid contour of Chilean Patagonia. There is a lot the viewers will explore with Our Great National Parks.

The question might intrigue some minds as to why Barack Obama is narrating a documentary about nature? Well, it is justified because Barack has worked splendidly for the preservation and protection of natural habitats. He has protected more public lands and waters than other U.S. presidents in the history of the United States of America. So, he is, in fact, the right person to narrate the importance of nature and its preservation.

Additionally, Wildlife Conservation Society and Count Us In are going to launch a campaign to further enhance the engagement for the documentary. Viewers can use #WildForAll to get involved on Social Media platforms or they can simply visit WildForAll.org.

When is the documentary releasing?

All five episodes with a runtime of 60 minutes will be available for streaming on April 13, 2022.

Our Great National Parks trailer

Check out the beautiful looking trailer for the Netflix Documentary here:

Are you excited about Our Great National Parks streaming soon on Netflix?

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