Johnny Depp Hired Globally Famous Female Lawyer for Amber Heard Trial After Watching Her on Netflix

Johnny Depp Hired Globally Famous Female Lawyer for Amber Heard Trial After Watching Her on Netflix

You are the best in your profession. People also consider you the best as well. Suddenly, one day, imagine you get a call from a celebrity and they ask you to help them out. You would freak out and wouldn’t understand how to react, right? Well, this very famous lawyer must have felt the same when Johnny Depp called her regarding his case against Amber Heard.

Who did Johnny Depp call after watching her on the Netflix documentary?

It has been reported that Johnny Depp hired one of his lawyers after watching her in a Netflix original documentary named Making a Murderer. Kathleen Zellner, who is a U.S. attorney, appeared in this documentary. The documentary is about Steven Avery who, for nearly 2 decades, served in jail for a crime that he didn’t commit. So much happened to him and his nephew and they were found guilty in the end.

Netflix took their story and turned it into a docuseries. Kathleen Zellner turned into a global sensation after taking Steven’s case. Johnny Depp hired this attorney to fight his case who has her own ethics and beliefs.

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Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for defamation. In a victory for Depp, the jury ruled in his favor and he got $10 million as compensatory damages and also $5 million in punitive damages. Amber Heard also got $2 million as compensatory damages as she proved one of her counterclaims to the jury.

What does Kathleen Zellner have to say?

Kathleen revealed that before filing the lawsuit, Johnny had called her personally after he had watched her on the true-crime series on Netflix. She said that Johnny called her and left her a message. “I didn’t really believe that it was Johnny Depp at all, but it sounded like him and he left the phone number and just said he wanted to talk to me,” admitted Zellner. She also added that it was indicative to her that Depp was innocent. The reason being, when Depp talked to her, he said, “I saw on Making a Murderer, where you said that you’d be the last person someone would hire if they were guilty because you would find out about it.” 

Johnny said that this statement stuck with him and that’s what motivated him to contact her. She also praised Depp’s legal team. Zellner also admitted that his testimony during the case was not an act and added that the star was a very humble and sincere person.

So, this was the lady who Johnny Depp hired to fight his lawsuit. Did you know about her being on a Netflix original docuseries? Have you watched Making a Murderer?

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