Joe Locke and Kit Connor Go on the Hot Seat, Answering Burning Heartstopper Fan Questions

Joe Locke and Kit Connor Go on the Hot Seat, Answering Burning Heartstopper Fan Questions

The Heartstopper webcomic was one that fans had loved for a long time. Hence, they didn’t expect the series to one-up the same and make it even more adorable. But, with a plot and cast that is extremely true to the webcomic, the series has also made a special place in fans’ hearts. This is partially due to the amazing cast of the show, especially lead actors Kit Connor and Joe Locke, who have sat down with Still Watching Netflix to answer some of the fans’ most burning questions.

Favorite scenes to film in Heartstopper

Just like Nick Nelson, Kit Connor absolutely loved rugby and hence the scenes that involved him playing the game. The difference lies in the fact that Connor was intimated at first. But, he grew to love the game and thoroughly enjoyed the scenes where he played.

Favorite film that they’re ashamed of liking

We all have a movie we can only describe as a guilty pleasure. We love them to no end, but would never admit it for the life of us. For Joe Locke, this movie is Bridget Jone’s Diary. He even went on to admit that it was definitely one of his top 5 favorites. At this, he got a comment from Connor, with him agreeing that it indeed is embarrassing.

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What made them audition for the roles and what was the process?

For Connor, the reason he auditioned for this role was that he saw Nick being very open and vulnerable about his feelings. As an actor, he felt touched by the “beautifully written scene”. Additionally, he commented on how it was “a real pleasure and an honor” bringing to life a story that many love and adore.

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Favorite artist

Who doesn’t love Adele? Joe Locke certainly is a huge fan, with Connor saying, “that’s kind of your personality, isn’t it?” Joe then proceeded to reminisce the times his mother used to play Adele or Alicia Keys and how he has loved the artists since his very childhood.

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If you could describe Heartstopper with a smell, what would it be?

Both Connor and Locke, were just as awestruck by this amazing question as we all are. Heartstopper is what one can describe as a breath of fresh air, an aquatic yet flowery scent that reminds one of spring. And this is what the actors of Heartstopper agreed on, as well. Connor described the Netflix series as “grass” on a beautiful day of summer.

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Heartstopper premiered on Netflix on April 22, 2022. Make sure you stream it asap to avoid any spoilers!

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