Joe Keery Has A “Very distracting chest” Confesses Joseph Quinn

Joe Keery Has A “Very distracting chest” Confesses Joseph Quinn

Joe Keery playing Steve Harrington is one of those characters that keep on developing with the storyline. As viewers got the chance to see him in both negative and positive light. Steve’s journey had a great change from a jerky jock to a caring babysitter for the Hawkins gang. While this transformation of Joe’s character spanned his popularity making him an inevitable part of Stranger Things. His role had a direct connection to normal people as we all have bad and good sides. Because nobody is perfect!

However, there are other aspects of Keery’s character that attracted fans towards him. Including his handsome face and shirtless body that made fans go mad in season 4. Although it seems like he has fancied his co-artists also with his shirtless style in Stranger Things. Let’s see what was Joe’s reaction to a fascinating statement made by Joseph Quinn.

Joe Keery has charmed the cast members of Stranger Things with his stunning personality

The series is famous for welcoming new characters every new season. Like Max entered in season 2 with Billy and then came Robin in season 4. Finally, this ravaging season came up with more new faces like Chrissy, Peter, and Eddie. Whereas this addition has never affected Steve Harrington’s popularity stated by a comment on Reddit.

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In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, all the adult cast members of Stranger Things sat down to unveil some fan theories. Including Joe Keery, Natalia Dyer, Maya Hawke, and Joseph Quinn who read these fan theories one by one. During the session Joe read a comment that said:

“Wow I’ve been so focused on the chest hair, I never realized that Steve was wearing Eddie’s jacket.”  

The fan said that he was so occupied by Joe’s chest he did not consider the other idea. He theorized about how Eddie might have died and Joe was wearing his DIO jacket as a token of love and memory. To which Joseph Quinn added “yes, you do have a distracting chest though,” indicating several shirtless scenes of Steve in the show.

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For instance, in The Dive episode when the team discovers a new underwater gate to Upside Down. And Steve removes his shirt to jump into the lake to find the portal. That was actually a mesmerizing scene when viewers see shirtless Steve on the other side. If you haven’t watched this episode stream it right away only on Netflix. And fall in love with your brave babysitter once again. Or watch the whole conversation in the video given below!


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