Jo Hartley Hints at After Life Spinoff, Here’s Everything We Know

Jo Hartley Hints at After Life Spinoff, Here’s Everything We Know

After three tear-jerking seasons, After Life has ended on Netflix. The black comedy-drama streaming television series created by Ricky Gervais became insanely popular among Netflix subscribers in a short amount of time. After Life explores newspaper writer Tony Johnson, whose life turns upside down after the death of his beloved wife. He becomes depressed, and even attempts suicide. But then he decides to make his grief his superpower.

What follows is three seasons of tears, jokes, and grief. Even as the series ended, viewers still hope for better light in Tony’s life. But may be the After Life universe may not have ended after all. One of the lead stars of the show teases the fans with the idea of a spin-off. Let’s find out if Netflix show After Life is really getting a spin-off.

After Life spin-off: What the spin-off is about?

June and Lenny are one of the most popular couples in the show. The three of them met in season 1, at June’s, for a news story for the Tambury Gazette. As the show progressed, June and Lenny get a lot closer and entered into a romantic relationship later. At the end of season 3 of After Life, the couple was ready to get married.

Even June’s son, James, has finally moved out of the house. So, now June and Lenny have a lot of time for them. It was June who helped Tony move on with his life. She convinces him to spend the insurance money left by Lisa, Tony’s wife. Tony was always reluctant to touch the money as that would amount to admitting that his wife has truly passed away.

June, Lenny, and James make us understand the importance of recurring characters in a lead’s life. They can change your life forever. With such richness in the show, it is no surprise that fans want more of these characters. Thus, they are hoping for an After Life spin-off. And actress Jo Hartley hinted that fans can hold hope.

A fan on Twitter suggested a spin-off that will focus on the life of June and Lenny. To which, Jo Hartley replied, “@tonypaulway spin OFF Lenny?” fanning the fumes of fan requests for a spin-off.

While Netflix has confirmed nothing yet, we can hope our favorite couple from After Life returns in the future.

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