Jimmy Kimmel Lauds Chris Rock for Keeping His Calm at the Oscars ‘Should be proud’

Jimmy Kimmel Lauds Chris Rock for Keeping His Calm at the Oscars ‘Should be proud’

The Will Smith-Chris Rock slap gate is one of the most controversial incidents in the history of Hollywood. Even after a year since it happened, the Oscar controversy is still a hot topic of contention among the masses. While it was undeniably a tough time for the comedian, a number of celebrities came into the actor’s support. And recently, the popular talk show host Jimmy Kimmel also came to Rock’s defense as he praised the comedian.

What is now being called the ugliest moment of the Oscars, the slap gate had Hollywood divided into two sides. While a number of celebrities took Smith’s side following the event, others supported Chris Rock. However, comedian Jimmy Kimmel had already chosen his side.

Recently, the talk show host came into the comedian’s support as he lauded Rock for “keeping his calm” following the slap. Furthermore, he revealed that Rock should be proud of himself.“I mean, to be slapped in the face and to stay that cool is something that Chris should be proud of,” Kimmel said in conversation with PEOPLE.

The host added how Rock’s grandchildren would even be proud of him years after he’s dead and gone.” Elsewhere in the interview, as Kimmel recalled how shocking it is that the incident even happened. He added how the prestige and glamor that surrounds the Oscars played a major part in magnifying the slap gate almost a million times. However, Kimmel admitted how people would eventually forget and move past the incident couple of years from now.

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The host is no stranger to the drama. As we all know, Kimmel is all set to host the event taking place on March 12. This will mark the third time the talk show host would be helming the Oscars. Meanwhile, Will Smith and Chris Rock have progressed in their respective careers.

Almost a year since the Oscar slap gate, what are Will Smith and Chris Rock up to now?

Not long ago, Smith’s popular film Bad Boys II recently made its way to Netflix. While the Men In Black actor gathered a lot of hate from the masses, Bad Boys II still topped the Netflix charts. The franchise is also returning for another with the paused installment now back in production. On the other hand, Chris Rock is all set to open up about the horrific night at the 2022 Oscars. As per latest reports, Netflix will stream Rock’s side of the story on the Oscar slap gate.

In the meantime, whose side are you guys on? Do let us know in the comments below.

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