Jessica Frances Dukes’ Description of Julia Garner Disputes Everything You Know About Ruth Langmore in ‘Ozark’

Jessica Frances Dukes’ Description of Julia Garner Disputes Everything You Know About Ruth Langmore in ‘Ozark’

All parts of Ozark are out. Reviewers of the final season are calling it astounding. The character arcs, the story, the way it ended, the acting and the visuals, everything seems to be phenomenal. Ozark carved a niche in terms of filmmaking and set a milestone for those connected to it, including Julia Garner and Jessica Frances Dukes.

Dukes joined Ozark in season 3 and, played a role impactful enough for the people to remember her despite her lack of acting history. She has also appeared in a recurring role on Marvel’s, Jessica Jones. On Ozark though, her role was that of the FBI special agent Maya Miller, who is also a forensic accountant. Her task is to inspect Byrde’s casino to keep a check on the money-laundering as well as find out if there’s any inconsistencies. For someone like Dukes, who is a newbie to acting, Garner as Ruth was apparently awe-inspiring.

Jessica Frances Dukes gushes about Ruth Langmore

Jessica recently appeared in an interview with the US Weekly, where she spoke about her fellow cast members of Ozark. She was asked about her opinions on how she feels when Julia Garner‘s transforms into her character, Ruth. “Shapeshifter. She’s a shapeshifter,” is what Jessica said.

She finds Ruth as one of the most put-together characters on TV and credits Julia for the same. Not surprisingly, the actress finds Ruth “a joy to watch.” In the same interview, Dukes talks about Julia as a person and calls her a “gentle, beautiful soul” whose actor-mode seems magical.

Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore on Ozark

A mostly unknown name, Julia Garner, suddenly blew up everywhere. It was surely because of the success of Ozark but wouldn’t have been possible without her excellent input. She soon won an Emmy for best supporting actress in a TV drama. Starting as a timid girl living in a trailer with her brother and a father who appears occasionally from the jail, Ruth Langmore has had a significant character arc.

She is seen handling Marty’s casino the Missouri Belle, sometimes single-handedly. The events that hardened her inner child were gruesome and unjust, yet her willingness to go on in life was commendable. She’s could go to any extent to stop wrong from happening to the people she cares about. We saw the extent when we saw her kill her two uncles to save Marty Byrde‘s life. Marty in turn didn’t even thank her enough. But that anyway wasn’t what she was looking for.

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As much as Julia has shined as Ruth in Ozark, she’s shined as Anna and Ellie in Inventing Anna and Maniac respectively. Apartment 7A is the new movie starring Julia. Its a period psychological thriller set in the 70s, London, in which Julia will be taking the lead. Her transformation for the movie left many speechless. Seems like Dukes had it right when she called Garner a shapeshifter.

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