Jennifer Lawrence and “really hot” Liam Hemsworth Kissed Off-Screen, Did They Date?

Jennifer Lawrence and “really hot” Liam Hemsworth Kissed Off-Screen, Did They Date?

Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games co-star of Liam Hemsworth, is one of those actresses who counts as his best friend. They have both worked together in four films of this well-known film franchise and are very close. They share a typical platonic relationship where, at times, they admire each other while also teasing each other all the time.

Rumors of co-stars getting involved with each other are very common. But when they are as good friends as Liam and Lawrence, who are very upfront about their relationship, it is hard for the media to make something up. But, did you know they once kissed off-camera and which raised speculations amongst the fan community?

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Did Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence’s kiss mean something?

It is not the first time these costars have made headlines for a kiss. In 2014, Liam Hemsworth revealed on The Tonight Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon that just to piss him off, the Silver Linings actress would deliberately make a point of eating garlic or tuna fish and would not brush her teeth.

However, according to HITC, the actress accepted in the year 2017 that she kissed the Australian actor off camera. When questioned about this, she said, “Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s real hot. What would you have done?” 

Despite admitting Lawrence kissed Hemsworth, none of them ever confirmed dating rumors. On several occasions, she and Hemsworth have expressed their love for one another and the beautiful friendship they share. In Lawrence’s defense, she is one of those celebrities who loves to stay away from the extravagant limelight.

However, Liam Hemsworth is constantly in the headlines for replacing Henry Cavill in Netflix’s The Witcher. Though the Australian actor initially received a lot of flak from Cavill’s fans, people are gradually coming to terms with him and accepting him as Geralt of Rivia. Let’s hope he lives up to the expectations of fans and proves to be as good as Cavill.

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Do you think Liam Hemsworth will nail the role as The Witcher‘s lead? Tell us in the comments.

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