Jenna Ortega Thanks Lady Gaga for a Video She Sent Her Years Ago

Jenna Ortega Thanks Lady Gaga for a Video She Sent Her Years Ago

After stealing hearts with her slaying looks and wonderful acting on Netflix’s Wednesday, Jenna Ortega made an appearance at the Golden Globes ceremony on January 12. The 20-year-old actress has become an intentional star with her Addams Family spinoff show.

Jenna Ortega did a prom dance in the series, which got widely popular among the people. A TikTok with her dance mixed with Lady Gaga’s hit ‘Bloody Mary’ had gone popular and had been recreated millions of times. So much so, that the singer herself participated in the trend. Recently when she was interviewed after the Golden Globes, where a question popped up about the viral going TikTok.

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How did Jenna Ortega react to Lady Gaga’s Wednesday dance?

The song which is used behind all the TikTok dances was created by Lady Gaga in the year 2011. The song did not reach the level of popularity back then as it did now. After TikTok crossed about 1.5 billion views, Lady Gaga decided to create a dance on this TikTok. After all, this dance got her song ranked number 68 on Billboard Hot 100 chart that, too, after 11 years of its release.

Jenna Ortega was questioned about the same at the Golden Globes how she felt about Lady Gaga herself dancing to a song she was a star of. What is it like being recognized by the legend herself?

Even though the Scream star has made it to a huge recognition level, she answered the question very politely. She gushed about how she has worked with a hairdresser who also got to style Gaga’s hair once. Ortega also remembered a concert of the ‘Dance in the Dark’ singer that she attended a long time ago, when she was comparatively less famous.

To Seventeen, the 20-year-old star said, “She had made me a video saying, ‘Oh, hey, Jenna! I heard you’re a fan.'” She also mentioned that it was a really sweet video.

She also mentioned that she doubts that Lady Gaga might not have known her back then. Mentioning that watching Gaga do her dance made her realize, “life changes really, really fast and it’s really crazy.”

Jenna Ortega was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series. Did you like Wednesday on Netflix? Tell us in the comments.

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