Jenna Ortega Ready to Be the Next Fashion Force Tells Her Stylist “it just blossomed into…”

Jenna Ortega Ready to Be the Next Fashion Force Tells Her Stylist “it just blossomed into…”

From black lace details to collared uniforms, Jenna Ortega garnered stardom overnight playing the titular character in the Netflix series Wednesday. The young actress has certainly carved a space for herself in the household names of the industry. Even since the horror-comedy series arrived on the streaming giant, people have become obsessed with her. At the same time, her fashion sense is also giving major inspiration to her newly catapulted fandom.

The Scream queen hasn’t shied away from showcasing her dark gothic style on red carpets. Remember when she attended Valentino’s Paris Fashion Week donning a long black leather trench coat over a glamorous, sheer lace dress? Meanwhile, her bold choice of clothes has made one thing clear: Hollywood is going to get their next fashion force in the image of this young star. Well, even her long-time stylist and collaborator agrees with us on this one.

Jenna Ortega will change the future of fashion, says Enrique Melendez

In the new interview with British Vogue, stylist Enrique Melendez talked up about his creative partnership with Jenna Ortega. During the conversation, he recalled the time when they started working together and how much joy he feels to see her all grown up.

The LA-based stylist said he was worried about dressing a 14-year-old, but they soon got along after knowing each other. “I began to understand her mind and the brands that work for her, and it just blossomed into what it is today: a true collaboration,” explained Melendez.

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Moreover, he continued that he loves the way Ortega is clear about her clothing choices as she is getting older. The California native revealed how he used to style her “in lots of frilly pieces with girlish details.” However, now she has taken over the glamorous world of fashion completely.

Not long ago, we saw her gracing the red carpet of the Golden Globes, sporting a floor-length pleated Gucci dress. Fans went crazy on the internet when they saw Jenna Ortega posing with other celebrities like Selena Gomez and Margot Robbie.

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