Jeen-Yus Director on Denying Ye Any Say on Editing: “We’re out to make the best documentary possible”

Jeen-Yus Director on Denying Ye Any Say on Editing: “We’re out to make the best documentary possible”

Documentary filmmaking is a very subtle and controversial storytelling format. The makers cannot tamper with any footage or hide any aspect of the subject’s life. So when a documentary is being made about a person as famous as Kanye West (now known as Ye), there probably were some portions that the singer didn’t want on his new documentary jeen yuhs.

However, the directors have come out and proclaimed the documentary is as authentic as possible.

No one allowed in the editing room of jeen yuhs

Netflix’s three-part film premiered its first part last week, following the stars’ rise to fame. The film’s directors made some tough calls against adamant opponents. By doing so, they ensures that viewers get the most authentic cut of the film.

After the premiere of the first installment, the directors opened up about the film’s editing process. Apparently, the rapper and the producers had no say in the film’s editing.

For those unaware. Editing is the process in filmmaking in which the director or editor decides what material makes the film’s final cut. This means the producers usually have a say on what parts of the musician’s life will be in and out.

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West was previously very particular about what will be in the film as he wanted to “be in charge of [his]own image.” But directors Clarence ‘Coodie’ Simmons and Chike Ozah have now said they refused the rapper to have any say as they felt it is “not best for the filmmaking.”

Directors comment on the importance of having creative control

Since the release, both directors have spoken immensely on how they managed to have the utmost control over the film. While talking to Business Insider, Ozah said, “For us, as filmmakers, the name of our company is Creative Control, so there are just certain rules in documentary filmmaking for it to be authentic.” Asresult, even the subject on whom the documentary is based is not even allowed to have a say in the final cut.

However, the director assured us that “obviously, the input of Kanye’s team has always been welcome, and we’re out to make the best documentary possible.

Despite their disagreements, the director and Ye are at peace. The duo hugged each other during the film’s LA  premiere. It is good to know that we will get the same authentic and raw insight into Ye’s life in the other two installments.

What did you feel about the first installment as streamed it? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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