Jason Momoa Is Super Excited to Have Henry Cavill Back as the Kryotonian After His ‘Black Adam’ Cameo

Jason Momoa Is Super Excited to Have Henry Cavill Back as the Kryotonian After His ‘Black Adam’ Cameo

For months fans were on the edge about Henry’s status in the DCEU. The only Superman movie to date starring Henry Cavill is Man of Steel. He has appeared in other DC films following that, however, fans have long clamored for a sequel to the Man of Steel. But they were hit with reports of the British actor meeting up with Marvel. But instead of jumping ships, the actor has confirmed that he is not hanging up the red and blue suit yet. 

His most recent return as Superman was in the post-credit scene of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. And it’s not just the fans who cheered at his appearance. Jason Momoa is super psyched to have him back in the DC fold as well!

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Jason Momoa reacts to Henry Cavill reprising Superman again

Momoa has worked with Henry Cavill before in Justice League and they have developed quite a bond ever since. In fact, their red carpet meme is still one of the most popular memes on the internet. So when he learned that his good friend was not leaving the DC turf, he was more than glad. 

It’s awesome, yeah. I mean I love Henry, he’s amazing,” he told ET at the premiere of his Netflix movie, Slumberland. He plays a lovable outcast in the Netflix movie called Flip. His character has to help Nemo, an orphaned girl, navigate the dreamland. He also complimented The Rock and welcomed him to the DCEU.

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Momoa himself is a part of the comic book universe since he portrays the role of Aquaman. The Game of Thrones actor has also teased another DC project possibly with James Gunn and Peter Safran. While he is still keeping mum about this mystery project, Cavill’s next solo outing as Superman is allegedly a reboot.

DC is planning to change his origin story. Although nothing is confirmed yet, there are rumors about Top Gun‘s director, Joseph Konsinski is helming the flick. 

Before you catch a glimpse of Cavill in the suit, you can watch him solving mysteries in Enola Holmes 2. Have you watched the movie yet?

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