Jason Bateman Showers Words of Praise for Laura Linney, Calls Her Directorial Debut “Incredible”

Jason Bateman Showers Words of Praise for Laura Linney, Calls Her Directorial Debut “Incredible”

Netflix had kept us engaged with one of the most exciting, dark, and thrilling shows, Ozark. The show is a favorite of numerous fans from all over the world. Fans love the show because of the character detailing, cast acting, and the setting. The story of the show revolves around a couple who move from Chicago to the Lake of the Ozarks. The show has received wide recognition and awards. Along with Jason Bateman and others, Laura Linney is also a big part of the show’s success.

Jason Bateman speaks about Laura Linney’s skills

Jimmy Kimmel recently moderated a lively conversation with the creative forces behind Netflix’s Emmy-winning Drama series Ozark. The showrunner, EP and Writer Chris Mundy, EP, Director and Actor Jason Bateman, Julia Garner, along with the Editor, Production designer, Music supervisor, and Cinematographer, joined the panel.



They talked about the music and one of the most iconic parts of the show, settings, and the whole writing process. While talking about the music in the 11th episode of Ozark season 4, the Todd Rundgren song, Jimmy asks Jason whether he had directed that scene. Bateman replied, “No, no, Laura directed that episode. The first thing she’s ever directed that 11th episode, like how incredible was that!” 

Laura Linney didn’t want to direct that episode!

It is true that Laura Linney is an amazing actor who has won several awards for her acting skills. This was one of the many reasons the showrunners chose Laura to be a part of the show. Laura agreed and admitted that she didn’t know why she went for the part of Wendy Byrde. It just felt like she should and so she took that part. Well, we are so happy that she chose to be in the show.

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Jason Bateman also favored Laura and appealed to the showrunners to give her more work to do on the show other than playing just the wife of Marty. The writers listened to him and created a more intense and layered character than they had originally decided.

But, when we talk about Laura directing the episode, she admitted not wanting to do it in the first place. Laura admits her manager threatened her to be fired if she wouldn’t direct this episode. She says, “she was forced into directing,” by Jason Bateman and Patrick Markey. But after doing it, she admits she had fun, and it was an incredible experience.

Indeed, Laura Linney deserves to be praised as she had done an astonishing job. What do you think?

You can stream all seasons of Ozark on Netflix.

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