“She was not accepting herself”: Julia Garner Reveals Why She Believes Ruth Langmore Had an Identity Crisis on ‘Ozark’

“She was not accepting herself”: Julia Garner Reveals Why She Believes Ruth Langmore Had an Identity Crisis on ‘Ozark’

Julia Garner and Jason Bateman’s duo as Ruth Langmore and Marty was the most overwhelming and wholesome duo, all throughout the series. Marty shaped her with the affection and respect that she never received as a Langmore, whereas Ruth gave up her all to prove her honesty and dedication to Marty. The blonde pixie girl who broke into their lives to learn money laundering from Marty gradually ended up being their most reliable partner. But as things had to go south, their journey together couldn’t last forever.

Our very own Julia Garner and Jason Bateman were seen talking over the same during an interview. Here’s what it was all about!

Julia Garner speaks about Ruth’s existential crisis on screen

According to Garner, there was a specific reason why Ruth’s life came to such a drastic end. In contrast to her character, Ruth got her records clean. She is seen dumping her old house etched with memories and building a bunglow over the same. She was trying to become a normal citizen of the United States, away from the world of crime and mayhem. But that was not her. Ruth does it just to avenge her destruction caused at the hands of The Byrdes.She was it accepting herself. She was not the normal citizen that she was trying to be, in a way,” said Julia.

Although Ruth grew massively in her character from the initial episodes to the end, her inner substance remained untouched. But her futile attempts to become a different person other than herself, finished her in the end. 

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Jason says it doesn’t smack you in the face

According to Jason, our eminent director and also a leading actor, “the ending has a very satisfying resolution.” He says, “it doesn’t smack you in the face but it’s satisfying on a bunch of different levels.

Julia Garner who played the iconic character of also concurred with his statement and said “she could selfishly go on shooting Ozark for the rest of her life.” Although her character officially died a few minutes before the end, she still insisted on being a part of the Ozark family for as long as she could.

For their brilliant acting and role play, both the stars won individual Emmys with Garner bagging two back-to-back wins for playing Ruth. The moment on stage was just as heart touching as was the entire franchise.

What do you think about Ruth and her issues with identity? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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