Jason Bateman Looks all Sharp-eyed Alongside Will Arnett In Improv Mystery – ‘Murderville’

Jason Bateman Looks all Sharp-eyed Alongside Will Arnett In Improv Mystery – ‘Murderville’

Earlier this year, in the month of April, Arrested Development star Will Arnett dropped the first season of his murder mystery, Murderville. Fans who have been longtime followers of the star know what it means for their favorite to leave a comic sitcom and inculcate an entirely different genre. Since the audience hardly had any news about the show since season 1, the longing for the slightest of updates had broken all bars. And now, the latest news, which brought along acting dynamo, Jason Bateman, has done its job of hyping the viewers harder than ever. 

The official teaser trailer released by Netflix is a joke, the center star was seen accompanied by a longtime buddy and Arrested Development co-star Jason Bateman. Along with the dynamic duo, we saw Maya Rudolph make a similar appearance on-screen. And it looks like Bateman has his improv shoes ready to dazzle the audience.

Jason Bateman throws a major improv for Will Arnett’s Murderville

As many people might have not noticed, the show has a custom of bringing in legendary stars and celebrities as improv. And we all know Jason Bateman is a name that comes synonymous with the lead star, Will Arnett. The Hollywood biggies who appear on the sets are also as clueless as we are. Hence, they do not get the slightest whim of what exactly they are investigating. This is, of course, done in order to maintain the discretion of the show. 

In the official teaser trailer, we see how Terry Seattle gives Bateman an actual heads-up to stay alert all the while. While Bateman is just about to give in to all the huge Christmas grandeur, Seattle asks him to stay awake. “Don’t be distracted by the Christmas Crap, you are here for threat assessment,” are the words from Will to Bateman. 

The two legends put on their Sherlock hats and start their scrutiny over the murder. They all are investigating the murderer who, as the name of the special suggests, killed Santa Claus. Along with Seattle, Bateman looks all vigilant and conscious of the culprit. Hence, undoubtedly, it would be a great delight to see how the mystery unfolds. After all, it has just included the mastermind behind the biggest blockbuster crime-drenched thriller, Ozark. So, all we can do is simply wait at the edge of our seats for it to reach our screens. 

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Are you all excited about the dynamic duo sharing the screen once again?

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