“Jamie Foxx is a Beast…” – Will Smith Takes to Instagram as He Lauds Former Co-star Jamie Foxx

“Jamie Foxx is a Beast…” – Will Smith Takes to Instagram as He Lauds Former Co-star Jamie Foxx

When we talk about great actors of the 90s, one cannot not know Jamie Foxx. The American actor is a prevalent figure, and we are no strangers to the stardom surrounding him. He is amongst the few individuals who have achieved almost everything there is to accomplish in his acting career. In 2004, the star left everyone in awe with his film Ray as he bagged an Oscar, an Emmy and even a Golden Globe award. Undeniably, Foxx deserves all the credit and appreciation for his incredible career. And recently, Will Smith decided to ponder love on the actor.

Over the years, we have witnessed many actors openly praising their co-stars. Likewise, Will Smith, who starred with Jamie Fox in the 2001 sports drama film Ali, was all praises for the Day Shift star. Taking to Instagram with a thread of various iconic scenes featuring Jamie Foxx, Smith lauded the actor. The I Am Legend actor wrote in the caption, “Jamie Foxx is a BEAST !! Singer, Actor, Comedian — THE TRUTH!” The series of Tweets that Smith posted further read how Jamie Foxx doesn’t get enough credit for casually being the most talented person on earth. And soon after, the Collateral actor reacted to the same.

Expressing his gratitude to the Emancipation star, Foxx went to comments and welcomed all the praise. The Sleepless actor revealed that the praise meant everything to him. Furthermore, Foxx recalled how the two were together in the artistic trenches and credited Smith for everything he has done in and for the movie industry. Foxx concluded in style as he wrote, “I am 10 toes down, no matter what comes down… my brother from Philly BIG WILLY!!” Smith and Foxx have been friends for a very long now. Foxx was also a part of the audience for the private screening of Smith’s much-anticipated film Emancipation.

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What Jamie Foxx had to say about Will Smith starrer Emancipation

Jamie Foxx was all in for Smith’s drama movie Emancipation. As we all know, the film marked Smith’s big-screen comeback following his ugly Oscar controversy with Chris Rock. And Smith’s long-time friend Foxx was all praises for the movie. Soon after Foxx attended the film’s private screening, he took to Instagram praising the Men In Black star.

Undeniably, Smith and Foxx are one of the most iconic duos in the industry today. The two starred together in Ali, one of Smith’s first breakthrough films. Smith even landed himself an Academy Award nomination for his incredible performance.

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