James Gunn Finally Reveals the Truth About Casting Henry Cavill for Another Role in the DCU

James Gunn Finally Reveals the Truth About Casting Henry Cavill for Another Role in the DCU

The DC fans have been in a rebellious mood for a long time now as James Gunn axed the Superman portrayed by Henry Cavill. Cavill’s Superman has gotten more fan following than any other version of the character. Therefore, the reactions of the fandom were also extreme. Meanwhile, James Gunn opens up about offering the British actor another role in the universe. 

There have been a lot of talks going around about The Witcher actor’s return to the DCU. The rumors were that they have cast Cavill as Frankenstein on Creature Commandos. Amidst all the major changes in the DCU, fans finally thought the Britisher’s return would make them happy. But before they get the chance to do so, Gunn spoke the truth about it. The new DC boss debunked the rumors circulating about Cavill being Frankenstein. 

When a fan directly asked Gunn about the casting of the 39-year-old actor by tagging him on a tweet, he denied it. “Completely false,” wrote Gunn and shut down all the rumors going around about it. As he revealed they already had their Frankenstein who was their first choice, he also revealed he never had a conversation about it with Cavill.

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Creature Commandos is an animated show comprising 7 episodes. The animated show includes Rick Flag Sr., Weasel, Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, and furthermore. While the show is expected to release on HBO Max in 2025, fans could not stop expressing their feelings about Cavill not being a part of it.

Fans remembered Henry Cavill as Superman while others have a lot of questions about Frankenstein

Hearing the news about The Tudors star not being a part of the upcoming show, fans remembered his Superman. They said he was the best Superman. While others have a lot of questions about Creature Commandos. They are curious to know who will be the cast of the show and more. Meanwhile, some want to know more about Gunn’s thoughts on the Black Heroes of the DCU. And some other fans have their own expectations from the new DC boss. But some also shared their thoughts about who should be cast in Creature Commandos.

While fans are curious to know more about the upcoming animated series, they want other characters on DC’s upcoming projects. Others even asked questions about Flash and other characters as well.

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