Jamaican Singer Shenseea Credits Kanye West, Calls Him an Inspiration and a Mastermind

Jamaican Singer Shenseea Credits Kanye West, Calls Him an Inspiration and a Mastermind

Kanye West may be criticized by many, but for some, he is an inspiration. The ‘Donda’ singer is undoubtedly one of the most skilled singers in the industry and is known for his creativity. He has collaborated with many artists, helping new ones to emerge as well. This includes artists like Consequence, Travis Scott, Big Sean, etc., and some of them are still looking forward to working with the rapper again

West released his Donda album in 2021, which featured several different artists. One of them was Jamaican-born rapper Shenseea, whose real name is Chinsea Lee. The 26-year-old was all praises when asked about her views on Kanye West in an interview. Here is what she had to say.

Jamaican rapper Shenseea has nothing but admiration for Kanye West

Not everyone in the west may be a fan of Ye due to his controversies, but Shenseea was all praises when asked about her opinion on the artist. As per DanceHallMag, the singer was holding a Q&A session wherein she was answering fan questions. One such person asked about the rapper’s experience of working with Kanye West and if she would like to collaborate with him again.

The singer replied to the question with her own tweet, “I love him, such a mastermind and inspiration.” She was also hopeful that they will work again with God’s grace. Due to him, she got her name on the top 100 Billboard list.

The singer collaborated with him on his Donda album, singing songs like ‘OK OK P2’ and another song called ‘Pure Souls.’ Her songs were in the 12th and 52nd positions on the Billboard list. She even made it to the 64th Grammy nomination in the Album of the Year category for her contribution to the album. The ‘Blessed’ singer even tweeted previously about wanting Ye to be her creative director.

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Speaking to L.A. Leakers, she revealed how she recorded multiple songs with him, but only two made the cut into the album. Although she was upset initially, the singer was also thankful for the opportunity. As per her, West made her feel included and treated her like family. Currently, Ye’s musical career has taken a backseat due to his controversies. He has also allegedly married a second time, while his lawyers are still struggling to serve him.

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