“I’ve nothing to add for now”: ‘The Crown’ Creator to End the Netflix Show Out of Respect for Queen Elizabeth

“I’ve nothing to add for now”: ‘The Crown’ Creator to End the Netflix Show Out of Respect for Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II, who has been the longest-serving monarch of England, met her demise on the 8th of September, 2022. As the entire world mourned the loss of a noble being, fans wondered about the future of the popular Netflix original series, The Crown. It follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the major events that shaped it, both inside the palace and out.

After the premiere of the first season in 2016, The Crown sore to unprecedented popularity. More importantly, it is one of the rare Netflix series that has passed the three seasons trial. Netflix is known not to renew a series after three seasons unless it hits out of the park which, The Crown definitely did. The series already has four seasons and one was set to release later this year. However, with the unfortunate demise of The Crown, fans are wondering if the makers will continue with the drama or not.

The Crown creator Peter Morgan says the Netflix show will end

We are all saddened by the death of the Queen, and Peter Morgan whose masterpiece revolved around the monarch, especially so. The Queen passed away at Balmoral castle and her son Prince Charles will be taking over the throne. The show that follows the reign of the Queen has four seasons that have covered everything from her inauguration to the turbulent relationship between King Charles and Diana.

The tough choices that she had to make and how she handled everything with grace and nobility are what form the crux of the show. In a way, The Crown is a love letter to Queen Elizabeth, which is what the creator of the show said. So, with her demise, the showrunner doesn’t want to continue the show.

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I’ve nothing to add for now,” Morgan shared after the Queen’s demise. He said they will stop filming out of respect too. The OTT Mughal, Netflix, had its own London Bridge operation.

When the show started its production, Stephen Daldry took a vow that if the monarch passed while they were in production, filming would stop for a respectable time. This was back in 2016. The Crown Season 6 will halt production and will also be the final addition to the series. You can check out the masterpiece on Netflix.

Do you think that The Crown should continue and follow King Charles’ reign? Let us know in the comments down below.

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    Roberta Elias
    September 13, 2022 at 3:25 am

    Yes, I do believe it should continue. This is the life and reign of the monarch and I feel it should be told entirely with it tastefully done.

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