“I’ve got a lot of my mum in me” – Prince Harry Once Accused the Royal Family of ‘neglect’ as They Turned a Deaf Ear To His Problems

“I’ve got a lot of my mum in me” – Prince Harry Once Accused the Royal Family of ‘neglect’ as They Turned a Deaf Ear To His Problems

The evolution of a fifteen-year-old prince who walked behind the body of his mother to a rebellious, self-exiled Duke who refrains from walking along the rules can never be a simple one. Ever since Princess Diana’s death, the two brothers have had a neglected childhood. Legitimate reports even claim, after the former Princess of Wales’ passing, King Charles often overlooked Prince Harry and Prince William’s problems. As the young princes grew up on their own to be the future King and the Duke of the Kingdom respectively, cracks between certain relationships were inevitable. 

After the Bombshell interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, there was another Oprah Winfrey interview that has been making noise. In his interview-turned-documentary, The Me You Can’t See, Prince Harry made some more astonishing revelations about the Royal Family. As the world awaits the upcoming Netflix series in a few days, it is time we go back to some earth-shattering comments made by the Duke in the past. 

Prince Harry resonates his life with his late mother, Princess Diana

When asked about his struggle after Princess Diana’s tragic death, Prince Harry bared his soul before the world. While talking about all hardships and the pressure of media, the Duke confessed he had been suffering from regular anxiety and panic attacks. However, the one thing that keeps him sane is living the life his mother would have been proud of. Talking about seeking help, Harry accused the Royal Family of overlooking his problems. “Just play the game, your life will be easier,” were their words to Harry when he was in dire need of support. 

However, strongly defying to abide by the Palace’s norms, Harry confessed, “But I’ve got a hell of a lot of my mum in me”. Years before Harry broke Royal protocols by falling for Meghan Markle, Princess Diana had already broken the bars by falling for color. After her separation from Prince Charles, even Diana stripped the internal stories of the Palace in a BBC interview with Martin Bashir.

Carrying the legacy forward, Harry and Meghan had strived ahead to tell their own stories to the world. While Diana’s eldest son chose to lead an ideal royal life while preparing to be the next King, her youngest has been going polar opposites. Hence, creating the differences within the royal family. Harry and Meghan the docuseries will stream exclusively on Netflix soon on 8th December. 

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