“I’ve always wanted to do one”: ‘Stranger Things’ Star Sadie Sink Confesses Her Desire to Work in a High School Musical

“I’ve always wanted to do one”: ‘Stranger Things’ Star Sadie Sink Confesses Her Desire to Work in a High School Musical

The cast of Stranger Things is growing up now. The majority of the cast were just mere teenagers when we first saw them back in 2016. But many of them are now in their late teen years with just a few years to go to reach adulthood, and some are now out of their teens. One such cast member who left the teen years recently was Sadie Sink, who plays Max on the show.

Recently, in an interview, Sadie talked about things she wished she could’ve done while she was still a teenager in high school but never got the chance to do. Let us see what the now 20-year-old actress wanted to do.

Sadie Sink and missing out on things

Being a child actor is never easy. Just ask the cast of Harry Potter. So even though the life of a child actor comes with a lot of stardom and fans, you have to sacrifice a normal childhood for that.

You cannot go and do school plays or participate in sports like other kids, mainly due to the filming schedules. So if you ask any young child actor what the things they wanted to do from a young age are, they’ll surely be able to answer you. And now we all know what Sadie wanted to do.

While talking about how her childhood felt “fast-tracked” as she started very young, Sadie stated that she feels there were some steps she missed. One of the biggest desires of the actress was to take part in school musicals, but she couldn’t as she was working.

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She said, “I’ve always wanted to do one, and I was working, and I couldn’t.” One of the top musicals she wanted to be a part of was Into the Woods.

How she spent her quarantine days

Sink says she enjoyed life’s basic joys during the epidemic before returning to work to shoot the forthcoming fourth season of Stranger Things.  The actress says spending time is really important to her and, according to her, “good for the heart.”

Sadie Sink will return as Max in the Stranger Things season 4, releasing on May 27th only on Netflix.

Meanwhile, let us know if you feel that actors who start at a young age do have to sacrifice a lot or not.

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