“I’ve already worked with Henry”- Jason Momoa Reveals Is a Superman-Aquaman Reunion Is the Real “dream project” He Talked About Recently

“I’ve already worked with Henry”- Jason Momoa Reveals Is a Superman-Aquaman Reunion Is the Real “dream project” He Talked About Recently

Reprising the iconic role after years, Henry Cavill returned as Superman and surprised his fans. While everyone is excited to see what the DC Universe will bring next for Superman films, there is Jason Momoa, who is also extremely excited about the return of Superman. Did you know he stripped on the TV show recently and also talked about his dream project with Cavill? 

Jason Momoa is famous for his role as Khal Drogo in the first two seasons of the HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones. The actor has already worked with The Witcher star in Justice League. Jason and Henry started developing a bond and now they are good friends. Jason opened up about his happiness and his dream of working with his brother-like friend once again.

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Jason Momoa has a dream of working with Henry Cavill once again

Bromance, as we saw above between the two actors, was one of the fan-favorite parts of the DC Universe. With the return of Superman in the recent DC film, while the fans cannot hold themselves, Jason Momoa stripped on a live television talk show recently. In another interview, he also shared he wanted to work with Henry Cavill in the upcoming superhero film.

Under the new leadership of James Gunn, there are plenty of emerging possibilities for the duo. Talking about Cavill’s return, Jason said he loved Henry Cavill, and he also expressed Henry should be Superman forever, as he was perfect. The duo has appeared together in Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

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Jake Hamilton, the interviewer, also asked Jason about his willingness to appear as an iconic character again. Momoa revealed he had worked with Superman twice. “Well, I’ve already worked with Henry, so that would be weird to have two dreams of Henry,” teased Momoa. Then he went on to say he had this other dream as well, that he wanted to work with Henry again.

Although Justice League 2 is not at all going to happen shortly soon because there aren’t any official talks about it. However, it would be tremendously interesting and exciting to see these two amazing actors on screen again.

Do you also want to see Aquaman and Superman together once again? What is your fantasy about it? How do you think these two would reunite? Share all your wild thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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