‘It’s Your Move’ Starring Jason Bateman Was Cancelled for a Weird Reason Involving Matthew’s (Bateman) Antics?

‘It’s Your Move’ Starring Jason Bateman Was Cancelled for a Weird Reason Involving Matthew’s (Bateman) Antics?

Jason Bateman is one of the most popular actors in the industry today. Batman has carved a niche out for himself in a very competitive industry. And with a career spanning over three decades, the Ozark fame has given innumerable hit films and shows to the audience. While we all are aware of his performances in Ozark, The Change Up, and Horrible Bosses, only a few of us know about the 1984 sitcom series It’s Your Move.

The 1984 sitcom series first made its way to our screens on 26th September. Spanning over eighteen episodes, the Jason Bateman starrer continued for five months before finally coming to an end on February 23, 1985. While the show had a decent run, it did not renew for a new season. Interestingly, the show was discontinued after its first season for a peculiar reason. And strange as it sounds, it had to do something with the lead actor Jason Bateman.

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How was the cancellation of It’s Your Move related to Jason Bateman?

The sitcom series It’s Your Move first premiered on NBC, starring a young Jason Bateman who had begun his career in acting at the age of 12. Bateman played the role of Matt Burton in the sitcom series, a young scam artist. However, NBC canceled the show after its first season as the channel had been receiving letters from mothers throughout the country. Interestingly, some kids were getting into trouble in their schools for mimicking Matthew’s antics.

Furthermore, there is an interesting backstory around Bateman’s initial career. Prior to his appearance in It’s Your Move, Bateman featured in another NBC show, Silver Spoons. The Ozark star played Derek Taylor and became so popular that the producers were worried that he would outshine other lead actors.

In the series Burton lives with his older sister Julie (Tricia Cast) and the television actress Caren Kaye, who played Eileen Burton. Throughout the sitcom series, Matt tricked various kids from his school with his best friend, Eli. The duo together were a part of many rackets, such as selling papers and occasionally sending fake black mail scams. However, even though the show came to an end after its first season, it did not make much of a difference, as we are all aware of Bateman’s success.

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