“It’s so much work to be a mom…” – Meghan Markle In Her New Podcast Episode Weighs in On Her Daily Routine and Prince Harry’s Parenting Skills

“It’s so much work to be a mom…” – Meghan Markle In Her New Podcast Episode Weighs in On Her Daily Routine and Prince Harry’s Parenting Skills

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex have been living quite a life in their Montecito home in California. However, adding to their bliss of marital life is the non-stop adorable yet chaotic muddle. Speaking of the same, Meghan Markle, in her recent Archetypes episode, addressed her husband, Prince Harry’s parenting abilities that have been a great helping hand to her. 

Last Tuesday was all about all the amazing women who have been nourishing young and naïve minds, especially those who do it all by themselves. Markle took a moment to acknowledge the strength of such powerful independent women while also expressing her gratitude to be lucky enough to have a husband like Prince Harry. 

Prince Harry is great at parenting, expresses Meghan Markle

While talking with her guest Pamela Adlon, the Duchess shared a sneak-peak into what a normal “morning rush” looks like at the Sussexes’ in the latest episode of the podcast. Getting ready for in-home work duty while setting both her toddlers up for the day is quite a job. Upon asking, Markle gushed about her husband, Prince Harry, who is a great help with handling the kids. Hearing the life story of the King of the Hill voice actress, who is a single mom to two grown daughters, the Duchess expressed, “it’s so much work to be a mom…

She is immensely grateful to her husband, who has exceptional abilities in handling the kids. “Oh, my husband? Oh, he’s great!” she exclaimed. The Duchess further gushed about how the Duke helps her get the breakfast done while he gets the children downstairs. The young parents know that it will only get harder when the children grow older. Nevertheless, their seemingly strong interdependency makes it all easier for them when it comes to parenting. 

The pair is now heard to have a third child after their present youngest daughter, Lilibet. However, none of it is confirmed by either of the Sussexes. The couple gave up their royal titles and became financially independent from the Royal Palace in 2020. Now, they are settled in the US, engaged in their personal work projects while also raising their two beautiful children. 

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