It’s Polin Week as Fans Celebrate the 210th Anniversary of Colin and Penelope Meeting For The First Time

It’s Polin Week as Fans Celebrate the 210th Anniversary of Colin and Penelope Meeting For The First Time

Any person who has read Julia Quinn’s iconic historical fiction books, the Bridgerton series, knows what the 6th of April signifies. The date is very essential for the fandom. It marks the day Penelope Featherington fell in love with Colin Bridgerton before the events of book 4 of the series take place. Here’s how fans on Twitter are celebrating the 210th anniversary of Polin.

When and how did Penelope and Colin fall in love?

Book 4 of the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn begins with an extremely riveting opening line. The prologue starts with these words:

On the sixth of April, in the year 1812- precisely two days before her sixteenth birthday- Penelope Featherington fell in love.

Fans who have read the books know that Penelope fell in love with Colin suddenly when she met him through Eloise. In the series, however, there’s a drastic difference between the events, as Penelope has known Colin for quite a while. Nonetheless, we might see a flashback of the moment she realized she had fallen in love with a man in a way that “her world shook“.

As for Colin, he hadn’t felt the same way until a long time down the road. He dealt with his own life and its problems and only ever saw Penelope as Eloise’s friend. It took him time to realize his feelings for the girl. Considering how season 2 of the show ended with extremely dramatic twists involving Colin, Penelope, and Eloise, we are expecting to see a lot more of them in season 3 of the Netflix Original.

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Will season 3 be about Colin and Penelope?

Actress Nicola Coughlan (Penelope Featherington) and Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton) talked about season 3 possibly focusing on Polin now that the two gave reached some important milestones. Penelope had overheard Colin speaking about her in a manner not as gentleman-like as she had expected. Following this, fans are expecting her to stop idolizing him so much. As for Colin, everything he had said about Penelope was to relate to the spoiled lads of upper-class London. It will prove to be something that makes him reconsider his stance in the ton.

Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan

Coughlan and Newton have also appeared in an interview together. This marks the first time they did so without other members of the cast. While we haven’t seen a lot of Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton, upon whom book 3 of the series is based), we certainly have seen Coughlan around a lot. From appearing in the front row of luxury fashion runways to becoming the muse of the world’s most influential makeup artist, Coughlan has certainly been making headlines. This is making fans speculate who season 3 of the Netflix adaptation of the Bridgerton books will surround.

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Here’s the interview, showing fans just how well these actors have the potential of bringing to life the chemistry Penelope and Colin share:

All things said and done, the romance between Colin and Penelope was a very important one in the books. It also seems to be the central romance of the series in Bridgerton. We see this story building up over the course of many seasons before finally coming to fruition, as opposed to the single season-long stories we were so used to.

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How are fans taking up the celebration of this day?

If there is one thing to know about fans of book series it is that they can be pretty serious about what they read. In fact, there exist no book fans that aren’t essentially part of a tight cult. The same goes for Bridgerton. Hence, when the 210th anniversary of Polin week arrived, the fans knew they had to take up the cause on social media and celebrate it. And so they did, as is evident from the following tweets:

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Stream Bridgerton season 1 and 2 and let us know your thoughts on the Netflix version of Polin!

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